Dr. Angela Butts Chester

Channelling Wisdom into Empowerment

Dr. Angela Butts Chester is a Pastoral Counselor, podcast host and media personality. She has built a career spanning 20 years and has created a reputation as a thought leader on health and wellness, spiritual empowerment, and positive mindsets as an international motivational speaker. Her work has become synonymous with making a massive difference in people’s lives with her uplifting words.

Based in California, this native Virginian has been a Member of the International Society for Mental Health, Global Christian Professional Women’s Association, and International Women’s Leadership Association. Dr. Chester holds degrees in Pastoral Counseling (Psychology) and Divinity. She is also the bestselling author of Before You Tie the Knot and is the host of radio’s Daily Spark with Dr. Angela and Daily Spark TV which airs internationally on many networks.

She is a source of infinite inspiration as she defeated breast cancer and became a survivor with her determination. As a solopreneur, she is highly focused and driven and knows the truth that selfmotivation starts and ends within. Initially, it was a lot of hard work and effort, but she carried forward her endeavour dedicated to achieving her dreams.

Dr. Angela reveals that the most challenging barrier she had to face was the ‘limiting institutional/individual mindsets of others.’ People often have old fashioned views regarding women even though they outnumber men in earning degrees of higher learning but still, men usually end up in prominent positions and better-paying jobs. That’s why it is part of her life’s purpose to create a space where women are validated, supported, and encouraged to stay positive and focused despite all odds.

Dr. Angela has laid down seven strategies that women can implement in their lives to achieve a more eminent role in their workspace. She lists – 1. Have clear goals. From X (current) to Y (desired) by date 2. Visualize 3. Continue despite obstacles 4. Move in silence everyone isn’t on your side 5. Mitigate distractions 6. Celebrate your successes but track them. They are proof of why you deserve more. 7. Create strategic not just audacious goals. Tackle strategic goals that help you accomplish the bigger goals with specific tools that support your transition into your next stage.

She gives insights into how corporates can continue to make a better working environment for women. She feels that when a company is mindful and creates an atmosphere/culture where all people feel included and appreciated, you create an environment that is welcoming and easy to work in; the individual feels appreciated and thrives at work. Women are a large contributor to the workforce in America and companies making improvements for them culminates into bettersurrounding communities.

“You can find inspiration around you every day when you have the eyes to see it. You can find wisdom in the whispers of the wind around you when you have the ears to hear it. I pray that you are inspired and positively influenced by it all. Never take for granted the gift of one’s life and the opportunity to make positive change and radical progress forward for the next generation to follow.” Dr Angela says this is the perspicuity each individual should keep in mind.

She shares the things she has learned along the way that have helped her become a success. These include accepting that not every friend is an admirer, obstacles are temporary – there’s a solution to every question, and knowing one’s limitations is essential. Her strengths are having a firm belief in herself during times of adversities. She channels this by helping women by teaching her programs ‘Pivot for Purpose’ and ‘Believe to Win’.

Her family has been her constant support system throughout and she makes sure that she includes them in her visions which allows her to stay balanced and grounded. She feels that when a person invests in the family, the family invests in them. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, travelling, and recharging her spirit amidst nature.

Lastly, Dr. Angela defines her passion which also serves as her life’s motto and the tagline of her radio and tv shows ‘enlighten, inspire, and empower’. She enlightens with information by sharing stories of those who are successful and it inspires them to stay empowered through media, courses, classes, presentations, workbooks, and webinars

Being an endless reservoir of knowledge and fruitful insight, Dr. Angela Butts Chester is making the world a better place one day at a time.

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