Dr. Aashish Sharma

The Pride and Joy of Nepal

He is thirty, an honorary professional Doctoral in Marketing and International Business (by the European International University, Paris, France), winner of the Young Entrepreneur Award by Vision World Academy, and the Founder & Managing Director at Singapore Beverages Nepal Pvt Ltd., and that’s why he’s on the list of Men Leaders 2021 today. Dr. Aashish Sharma comes from a humble beginning that started in a remote place in Nepal called Bhadrapur. Growing up, he learned to balance his education with work, a mantra his father instilled in him. He further graduated from Kathmandu, evading a social life, and continued on the same path of harmonizing his two lives. When things were better, he flew to Dubai to complete his post-graduation, Masters in International Business from UOWD.

After leaving his hometown for years and acquiring the required education, Dr. Aashish returned to his hometown and initiated his business venture, Singapore Beverages Nepal Pvt Ltd, with the vision to encourage the concept of Sustainable Nepal. “We wanted to give Nepal something that can be of International quality and was Born In Nepal. After a lot of thought, we decided on enhancing the taste buds of the Nepalese pallet. We worked hard and made products that could compete with multinational brands. Thus, Singapore Beverages Nepal Pvt ltd came into existence, and today it’s the flagbearer of Nepalese quality and capabilities,” he adds.

Despite all the professional qualifications, this hardworking man finds the source of his commitment towards work from his personal life. Be it his wife who pushes him to take the lead, his parents who’ve set an example of providing the best notwithstanding all odds, or his children who kindle him with the ardor of rising further in life.

We call him hardworking because the very successful Dr. Aashish is himself a result of it, which has also been his mantra in life. “Hard work; there is no substitute to it. I am the kind who cannot sleep if there is a pending deal or a new business to start. For me, work is worship.” But it is not just his work that Dr. Aashish worships. He is head over heels in love with his country, and there’s not one day that goes by when he doesn’t think about what he could do for the betterment of his nation. It is this intent that led to the establishment of SBNPL.

“Today we are exporting to USA, UK, and Australia. We want to introduce to the world the premier quality that Nepal can produce. The objective is simple- Let Nepal be known as the beacon of quality. This is the aim,” he shares. Even during the pandemic, this dedicated leader kept it together for his company and employees by creating methodologies to help adapt to the situation and soar above it. The Indian Achievers honored his firm, Singapore Beverages Nepal Pvt Ltd, with the title Emerging Company, evidencing how Dr. Aashish is leaving no stone unturned in climbing closer towards his aim.

With determination rolled up his sleeves, Dr. Aashish is among those men who achieve what he decides. His life’s ideologies are stirring to anyone lacking motivation. “My father taught me that when I look at myself in the mirror at night, I should look at the reflection in my eyes and tell myself, ‘I have worked hard today; I will work harder tomorrow.’”

Surpassing a phase in life when Dr. Aashish felt like he couldn’t do anything and yet had the fiery vision to care and protect his family & friends to becoming one of the men leaders today is an invincible journey. He received many life lessons from watching his loved ones suffer, and that changed everything, and how! “Never let the lessons of your life fly away. Grab it and use it to evolve yourself. These lessons are more important than any lecture, any university, any academy in the world. Learn from life. It’s the biggest teacher. And once you have learned a lesson, do not forget it. That’s sustainable growth. This is how we have evolved from apes to humans. We should keep it like that,” he further inspires.

Forever offering the message to other young aspirers to be the hardest working person in the room, Dr. Aashish is racing ahead in his professional and personal goals, setting an example like no one else. By all means, he is one of the pride and joys of Nepal.

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