Deep Gadhecha

A High Spirit Man with Youthful Exuberance

Entrepreneurs often work hard, not because they see the business as a job, but because they love doing what they do. “Inquisitive. Logic Minded. Passionate.” All these characteristics clearly define the personality of Mr. Deep Gadhecha, The Managing Director at the Infrastructure Company. “I have learned from my experience that there is a logic, a reason or rationale behind everything that a person says, does, or abides from doing,” says Mr. Deep Gadhecha and once you start uncovering those reasons and logics, it becomes convenient to make others understand your point.

Mr. Gadhecha is a second-generation entrepreneur with a vision of sustainable growth and value creation. He has completed CA and now pursuing MBA from IIM Ahmedabad for a diverse exposure. With an attitude of excavating the latest trend in the market, he possesses a true entrepreneurial spirit. As phenomenal as his ideologies sound, Mr. Deep Gadhecha’s spellbinding tips on becoming a true Entrepreneur is – “one should never accept a ‘no’, ‘this is impossible’, ‘this is impractical’, ‘this isn’t needed and you are overdoing it’ as answers, especially when you are working in a team at a position of a leader”. He throws light on igniting the spark of uncovering the potential and nurturing the mindset to take the risk and bring out something breakthrough.

Problems are nothing just a wake-up call for creativity as it is rightly said that necessity is the mother of invention. Looking at that, Mr. Deep Gadhecha kept on breaking the barriers with each project as he aims to enter different sectors of the construction, real estate, and infrastructure industries. A man with such tremendous passion and perseverance, especially in entrepreneurship is an inspiration for millions of young individuals who are penetrating the professional market. With the aid of technical, financial, and operational expertise gained from hard work and experience, he has not only built notable infrastructures but has also built everlasting relations with all team members and stakeholders.

He has a keen interest in managing the organization strategically with the aid of technological advancements and management techniques. With every growing day, he has excelled in his learning and uncovered the latest trends and potential growth possibilities in Talent Management and Supply Chain Management to keep abreast with the modern-day concepts. “Right from the beginning, my purpose has been focusing on Good Management, Business Ethics, and Induction of latest technologies to revolutionize the infrastructural practices in a modern way.” Undoubtedly, Mr. Deep Gadhecha holds in-depth market knowledge and thus ace the race in formulating and implementing the strategies that will help in aligning the organization and its environment to achieve the organizational goals.

He even masters the art of coordinating with large functional teams and understanding the behavior of customers at every single stage. “It has always been quite challenging and exciting to reach this level because I pay attention to every small detail and hold a quest for perfection,” says Mr. Deep Gadhecha, Managing Director at the Infrastructure Company. He is a keen observer and leaves no stone unturned in satisfying the clients and generating potential leads for the organization. “Along with constantly exploring various areas of the industry, our primary line of business is involved in civil construction activities for government and its various departments like the Railway. I have been engaged in bringing technological induction at every process and project, real estate development and good scale supply of building materials pan India,” asserted Mr. Deep Gadhecha.

Mr. Gadhecha is the jack of all trades as he is professionally involved in Management and Investment Consultancy, and in Renting out properties. “Modern business and that too in a developing economy like India have multiple challenges to face be it because of competition or any other internal or external factors. However, our approach towards multiple challenges faced in day to day business has been very positive and proactive”. He has always been an admirer of positivity because his ultimate strength lies with a broad and clear vision that made it no more a rocket science in clearing off the market challenges and barricades.

“This passion for perfection is what gives us a competitive edge, and drives our proactive approach,” says Mr. Deep Gadhecha, A Man of High Spirits.

He has successfully built a corporate cultural structure that ensures continuous learning and thriving for excellence for all team members, for the Company as a whole, and himself. It is indeed encouraging to learn from an exemplary person who has reached such a scalable height with diversified learning.

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