Bhavesh Chelani

An Instrumental Person in the Business World for his Views, Coup and Prowess

From standing in the face of critical conditions to becoming The MD and CEO of Santushti Group of Companies, Bhavesh Chelani has seen it all. Santushti Group of Companies is a conglomerate of Mr. Bhavesh Chelani and Mr. Sunil Chelani that carved a special place in the hearts of foodies by presenting sumptuous desserts and shakes. Revamping the Dessert Industry and transcreating it to the Dessertland, Santushti Group of Companies owned and managed by the Chelani Brothers has successfully up the ante in winning the battle of customer satisfaction.

With the founding principle of quality, value for money, and variety, Bhavesh, along with his brother, started developing different recipes suiting the pallets of a sweet tooth when the latter alleged that thick shakes don’t require ice cream. They started the manufacturing facilities in 2015 and franchising in 2016. Today, the Santushti Group has more than thirty stores nationally and internationally and has carved out a vision of 1100 stores by 2025 with a presence in Canada, the USA, South Africa, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, and UAE. Under Bhavesh’s vision, they are keen to set up a state of art manufacturing facilities in these countries to add value to modern trade and general trade in the dairy industry.

Bhavesh believes that life is all about getting shaped and molding to sustain every kind of shock that life will give to stretch your own limits and make you a better version of yourself. He started as a worker at Mother Dairy, and with beliefs like this, he has come as far as becoming a global tycoon.

He also believes that challenges are merely a tool to shape your success. In 2009, the market awareness for the dessert industry wasn’t substantial. But his hard work combined with his brother’s paid off. They caught people’s attention when they heard their review, “Santushti is somewhat different.” Listening to people acknowledge the difference in his products gave Bhavesh the boost to keep going. Similarly, in 2015, franchising was a new concept, especially in the Gujarat market. But with a “giver’s gain attitude,” Bhavesh pulled off this challenge too, and soon people started associating with Santushti. In this regard, he says, “Having the right reference point and keeping our eyes and ears open can surely conquer all challenges.”

With his gift lying in introspecting, Bhavesh preserves a high spiritual connection. Benchmarking, taking initiatives, and a “can-do” perspective is some other of Bhavesh’s strengths. Wanting to multi-task, he sometimes fails at scheduling his priorities; but he tries to cope up with self-analysis. Bhavesh knows in his heart that he does not always make the right decisions but is willing to learn from them. Yet another of his weaknesses including, becoming impatient at times, but he uses his power to connect spiritually to stay composed.

Besides sweetening the world with dainty desserts, Bhavesh is also fond of music and art. He loves to sing since he feels it takes him closer to nature and humanity. Being an artist helps him find the best in everything he sees.

Since childhood, Bhavesh has always been a rank holder. He represented his university in various cultural activities. Ever enthusiastic, he finds breaking his own records thrilling. His venture, Santushti, was awarded as the preferred dessert brand of Barodians, Icons of Gujarat award, Icons of Vadodara Award, Times Man of the Year award, and many more. Santushti was nominated for the Process Innovation Award at the Economic Times award 2020.

Bhavesh was bestowed as Excelsior in the Industry by ICAI. He also visits the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, CVM University, Parul Institute, and WIRC as a guest faculty. Recently, he joined the advisory board for the GSFC University courses.

“Success is a journey, not the destination,” Bhavesh expresses. He further adds that risk is a relative term, money is never the result, and the culture of an organization is very important to see the paradigm of an entrepreneur. Therefore, he recommends aspiring entrepreneurs to stretch their limits and to be ready for every challenge. “Also, contribute to the society from whatever you gain- that is the way every human should live on mother Earth.”

Having reached the zenith of success, Bhavesh realizes that emotions cannot manage a business, but emotions can run a business. During his journey, he learned that passion might not earn one money but does earn happiness, which should be every human’s ultimate goal.

Bhavesh Chelani is, hands down, an instrumental person in the business world for his views, coup, and prowess.

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