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Dr. KTap (Dr. Kathryn Tapper)

Physician | Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach | Speaker | Author

Dr. Kathryn Tapper aka Dr. KTap is a Mayo Clinic-Trained, Board Certified Family Medicine Physician turned Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach. With over a decade of experience in the health and wellness industry, she uses her passion to impact the lives of women by sharing her personal journey as a patient coupled with her professional expertise as a physician and coach.

Living with a chronic illness for over 20 years, Dr. KTap has learned the steps to thriving and being well with an illness. She continues to live a fulfilling life while running her coaching business despite handling her own health challenges of end-stage chronic kidney disease. She has helped hundreds of people to elevate their health by guiding them with the tools they need to gain clarity, confidence and control of their health while reconnecting with who they truly are.

She is the founder and CEO of GLOW Coaching, a company that empowers women to glow from the inside-out by using a holistic approach to their health and wellbeing. The goal is to take women from feeling lost, misguided and stressed about their health and life to feeling empowered and at peace within themselves as they shine their true light in the world. Based on her personal journey, DrKTap will be launching her first book this year titled, “You Are Greater Than Your Diagnosis: 10 Steps to GLOW Up in Life from the Transformational Story of a Doctor’s Journey as a Patient”.

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