Chitrak Shah & Taral Shah

Two brilliant minds leaving an eminent mark in the business world

Chitrak & Taral are two wise entrepreneurs who have a game plan to score the perfect touchdown. Taral joined his family business “Shivalik Group” in 2004. Shivalik is one of the largest real estate & construction companies in Gujarat. At the time, Taral was the first engineer in the family business who was working in the field to understand the ground reality.

Later, they ventured into other businesses like hospitality and restaurants. However, they had a smart revelation and decided to focus dedicatedly on real estate as the core business. As imagined, it turned out to be one of the fruitful decisions. Presently, Shivalik has constructed more than 70 projects in Gujarat within the last two decades. Shivalik also received numerous awards for their contribution to the industry.

Shivalik Group’s endeavor started from the stock market to real estate in 1998. Whatever profit they made from the stock market was used to finance or invest in real estate. This was the moment of realization for them. They decided to initiate their real estate projects. That’s exactly what they did, they launched the first project and received a phenomenal set of bookings at the project launch itself. Unfortunately, within a few days, the stock market collapsed. Hence, the turning point of their lives.

Taral has an intriguing perspective about the equilibrium of personal and professional lives. He believes in a disciplined lifestyle and prioritizes his time for critical tasks. That being said, every three months both Taral & Chitrak take a family vacation of at least 4-5 days. About this, Taral cracked a laugh & said, “I am the boss in the office and my wife is the boss lady at home, which makes our both lives easy.”

Let’s get a bit inspired by their business strategy. They believe, all businesses have ups and downs tied to the economy, interest rates, inflation, or other market trends. Business owners can’t eliminate market shocks, but they can hedge their bets against booms and busts with a diversified portfolio and strategy based on general market conditions. Some risks are shared by every investment in an asset class. In real estate investing, there’s always demand for apartments in good and bad economies.

Like every other passionate entrepreneur, Chitrak & Taral are also firm believers of honest work that adds value to society. They firmly expressed that the business we do have impacts on the earth’s footprint. Plus, their iconic buildings add value to the surrounding neighborhood. Real estate is always a vital option for asset class investors. It is the only investment that people can buy and can be utilized by their entire family. They change the lifestyle of our clients by making them feel at home.

During Covid19 they boosted up and gave training to their sales team. They discovered new tactics to run business digitally. After their efforts, they could manage phenomenal sales during the lockdown. At that time they realized the value of the brand reputation.

Talking about their contributions to the economic structure of India, they have faith that the Indian economy will perform much better than any country for a decade or two. “We have to do so much in the next 10 years, execution of plans that we have made in the last 40 years”. Shivalik is a green brand that means they make sustainable and green-certified projects. Shivalik has given employment to 5000 people directly and has given work to their allied 300 industries. Real estate and infrastructure provide the highest employment in India.

Taral has received the prestigious award of “The young national tycoon of Indian Realty Under 40”. When asked what message they have for our lovely audience. Taral didn’t give a minute’s thought and conveyed, “I strongly recommend youth to be part of Indian growth story and take the best education possible and give your best to the nation.” A true patriot!!

These two inspiring figures are truly someone we all should look up to. They conveyed that dedication and consistency are major factors for any organization. Focus on your core and just think about how you can make it better and scalable than before. Be open to innovation with the latest technology otherwise orthodox business model will be wiped out. Make a strong team that can support your vision and take them along with your growth.

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