Chahat Aggarwal

A High-power Woman Leader

Chahat Aggarwal truly embodies what it means to be a jack of all trades. A shortfilm writer, author, designer, management consultant and now a 2x founder. Fueled by her problem-solving abilities and desire to make an impact she happened to found her A.I. driven strategy consultancy Impact Study Biz, exclusively focussed on creating a level playing field for startups, and propelled by a similar vision has now dived into another venture Carebyte in the health tech space.

With experience in diverse fields, from pursuing education in art and design to becoming a management strategist, Chahat is now using her expertise to help other start-ups grow. She has a keen interest in human psychology, world history, and adventure sports. She inaugurated Impact Study Biz, an amalgamation of Brand and Business strategy, to help start-ups with time and budget-friendly cohesive strategy with execution tools. “This provides companies with sustainable growth and access to market-creating fair opportunities for new products and services,” she adds about her company’s profile.

If someone seeks the perfect balance of brand and business strategy, Impact Study Biz is their solution. The task of problem-solving and looking at the broader perspective, along with frequent meetings with clients, keeps their team in touch with the aspects where they are excelling and the areas which require more focus.

Speaking about the challenges she faced in her professional and personal life, Chahat explains how the world is stuck in its gender-specific roles. In her experience, it’s hard to attain equality in a workspace since women leaders are expected to do more than their male counterparts to prove themselves. Her stimulating views in this regard include, “I dream of an equal world. I want to see women in positions of power in every industry. 50% males and 50% females and other counterparts, leading and building the world together into a better society. And that can only happen when we as women stop beating ourselves up for not doing everything perfectly, continuously trying to show our worth.” Taking forward the thought of truly creating ripples, Chahat co-founded Carebyte with Sandeep Bansal and others to bring value based healthcare in India. The brand caters to holistic healthcare with 24×7 health concierge and a dedicated team of doctors that not only look after one during sickness but also works towards chronic disease prevention.

The fascinating thing is that despite the pandemic, Impact study Biz has grown 5X during 2020 in terms of achievements, revenue, client base, and continuous hiring of talent. When this woman leader decided to slay these problems with her skills, even the pandemic couldn’t stop her and her hardworking team.

Apart from business, the company also caters to two predominant concepts of Gender equality and mental health. “We are flexible with our teams and allow them the time and space they require to do their work and spend time with their families. Through these initiatives, we aim to support others in understanding the value of a holistic work-life balance and executing the same in their lives, unlike other startups.”

When everyone was thinking about business and how to generate revenues during the pandemic, these startups were left unheard. Chahat realized that these startups needed help lest they lost their place in the market. She offered all her business strategies with 30% off for all the emerging startups. To further support companies and individuals at a nascent stage in their businesses, Chahat has authored the book “Branding and AI”, which can help one achieve their true potential and sustain in the technologically advancing world with support of artificial intelligence.

Chahat was entitled under the Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs of India by Forbes India, Winner of Indian Achievers Award 2020 by Indian Achievers Forum, Business Women of the year 2020 by Business View Magazine, Most Promising Women Entrepreneur of the year 2020 by Aspiring She, Self- Made Women of the year 2021. She got featured in Female Disruptors, FEMINA, Sheinspiresindia, Storiyaan, Timesnext, Biz Ladies, and Storyexchange.

“Strategy is about knowing what to do and, most importantly, what not to do! It’s the key factor that interprets the knowledge, data, and builds workable action points to get desired results. You don’t grow by being consistent; you grow by being sustainable,” Chahat throws light on her success mantra. “Strategy is your key to success!”

Besides being a high-power woman leader aiding start-ups to breathe and sustain, a cause closest to Chahat’s heart is gender equality. She credits her family for her success, which had a great influence on her “CAN-DO” attitude.

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