Carlos Santos

Global Master of Finance

In 2015, Carlos Santos lost everything. He made wrong investments, was subject to many scams, and
lost millions in a short span. Everyone was quick to criticise his way of living: ‘Why so much work?’, ‘Why so much isolation?’

Yet, Carlos never gave up his work ethic. “Remember that when you fail, you are one step ahead because you will not make the mistake that others may make. Business is full of his goal now was trying to guarantee that you could model the financial markets without making any losses. For this, he diverted all his attention fully to his proprietary algorithm, which he first implemented in 2012 that alerts in line with ‘enter and exit positions’ in the commodities, currency, bonds, futures and share markets. Using an aggressive risk-modulated strategy, it spreads and accumulates profits through compounding, which losses, failures, challenges and differences. But it is the way you face losses and issues that makes you different. I usually define myself as an ‘all in’. I go all the way in, in everything I do. Even in the end, I don’t get worried if I face a problem. I know that problems will bring me a solution,” says Carlos.

Armed with his trademark resilience and dedication, Carlos soon turned the tide. Learning from experience, allows you to achieve gains in a safe way that could never be achieved in the market.

“It was at that moment when I decided to diversify and invest in project financing. This would allow me to make long term investments with fixed returns. My aim was to bring capital to sectors which other financial entities were not focused on, and I was trying to understand why. Why would someone not invest in South Africa, Laos, Swaziland or Brazil? Soon I realized that the macroeconomic and operational risk related to such entities was the reason. However, the financial instrument issued by a bank allows the seller to migrate the operational and macroeconomic risk to the financial market. This allowed me to have a net asset discounted to the present value of the financing to not necessarily be 100 % of the investment. This was the innovative factor,” explains Carlos.

Thus, was born Ethos Asset Management – an independent, US-based company with a global outreach in project financing. As of today’s date, the company has a presence in 72 countries.

Speaking about their innumerable international tieups with banks and Associates, Carlos tells us, conducting business is a way of life for him: “What really drives me is to influence people’s lives. Nothing is better than seeing the face of a person who could never see a project materialise. Or seeing people’s faces when they overcome a problematic life situation because I believe in them. Giving opportunities and developing people is my driving force. I think that is what makes me wake up every day.”

Carlos’ passion for people can be traced to his childhood. Born in an upper middle-class family to a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) mother and a successful automobile businessman father, Carlos was allowed to have an eclectic education as well as remarkable cultural tolerance. “My father is my inspiration. He is good at managing money, but he is even better at managing people,” says Carlos.

While he was still young, Carlos studied music in the conservatory, played football, tennis, swimming, and travelled regularly. At university, he chose to study Economics. Soon he began to teach at the university and created his first private company, where he made his first million. “Those years were amazing… I was teaching at the university, completing my master’s degree, and running my own company,” recalls Carlos.

Brilliant in every way, Carlos won the Top Student Award consecutively from 2012-2014 while winning the Banco de Portugal in 2015. Additionally, he won the Portugal Best Economist Award in 2016, E&Y Award 2018, and Best Professor 2019/2020.

He considers teaching his favourite “personal time”. “In the last six years, I have had the honour and pleasure to be a Professor at Lisbon School of Economics and Management (ISEG), University of Lisbon, where I lecture Microeconomics I and II, Macroeconomics I and II, Evaluation Projects, Corporate Finance and Seminary. I’m proud of this position as it helps me maintain professionalism, enhance thought of mind solutions, and promote problem solving. To be able to impact the lives of people through sharing of knowledge and experiences is my favourite way to spend time,” reveals Carlos with a smile.

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