Adel Singh

“To win, you have to fail,” says Adel Singh Bhinder, Group CEO, Datar Security Service Group (DSSG).

In one line, this positive-spirited entrepreneur gives a glimpse into his mind. He has led the company with the determination to improve the state of workforce in the Manpower industry. Furthermore, he focuses on increasing the share of e-surveillance and providing opportunites for growth and development. Adel’s commitment remains strong while working towards gender equality in the Industry.

A tech-geek, a learner and an optimist, Adel Singh’s entrepreneurship is an inspiration for the youth. In a world where people choose to think only about themselves, Adel channelizes his energy into keeping others happy. It is evident from the weightage he gives to the people on his team. Their inputs, suggestions and hard work never go unnoticed by Adel’s visionary eyes. He is passionate about everything he does, which is an infectious quality that rubs off on everyone around him.

Adel’s massive contribution to the company’s increasing client portfolio, heading the operations and building a rapport with the ground staff is commendable. Hands down, he is an asset to the Industry and DSSG. Adel started as a Field Officer, became an Operations Manager, and later Head of the Business Development and Tendering team. “Rising from the ground has taught me everything required to survive and excel in this Industry,” he adds.

What Adel enjoys most about his work, and about life, per se, is meeting new people almost every day. Excitement, enthusiasm and the urge to learn something new overrules his emotions before every official meeting. He is in love with his job’s requirement of brainstorming and creating something extraordinary out of every project or idea. Yet again, being the team player that he is, Adel never takes entire credit for any of his professional accomplishments.

Caffeine and a well-planned schedule are Adel’s go-to elements to survive a workday. A heuristic approach and top-level management skills are ideal for personal growth. Adel agrees that this helps overcome all problems.

Being a technophile, Adel gives much importance to staying up-to-date with the latest market trends and, as a result, prioritizing self-development. Growth is impossible if we do not walk with the world and its developments. Adel believes in the same since the trends and technology in the field of security are ever-changing and ever-expanding. He makes sure that his R&D team stays updated with these progressive trends, which he loves to monitor while making it a part of his learning.

Under his leadership, the R&D team could present excellent technological developments to function consistently during the pandemic. Some examples include Data Security, Drone Surveillance, Advanced Camera Surveillance with body temperature mapping, and a network that connects all of these. With trial and error, Adel and his team are taking steps to train the staff with these present-day tools.

Adel believes being a leader means setting examples with actions. He finds that good leaders often face difficulty in staying accountable for their responsibilities and owning up to their mistakes. Hence, his effort remains in staying ahead of time, meeting deadlines without excuses and developing a strong work ethic. Adel’s passion is such that he doesn’t leave work until he plans for the next day.

Failure gets to everyone! Having said that, Adel deals with dissapointment in a positive way. “You can’t appreciate a win till you haven’t failed in the pursuit of achieving it. Failure is part of the process. I know it sounds cliché, but it’s the truth.” Adel takes every setback as an opportunity to learn something new. He always has a full-fledged plan for correcting the flaws. Every time he feels knocked out, he focuses on rising again. He compares this sentiment with Mike Tyson’s uppercut. “But that’s never the end!” he exclaims.

Adel enjoys recreational activities like gymming, reading and meditating. He overstates the importance of investing in staff, planning and staying updated as a tip to those who wish to succeed in this Industry. Adel has positively impacted the lives of over 8500 employees. One of them has even tattooed the company’s logo on his body as a mark of his job satisfaction. His monthly visits to the toll plazas and conversations with the staff has led to such happy workforce.

An ever-thankful Adel is the perfect example of a true leader, learner and planner!

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