Vineet Valentine Davis

A Sedulous Source of Life’s Cheerful Energies

Every day is a new opportunity, and only a man who states something so profound is capable of creating a whirlwind of opportunities. On the Board of Directors of the Inox Group, Vineet Valentine Davis is a visionary leader, heading a large team of people at Inox Wind Ltd. He joined the group in 2012 as Head Infrastructure to spearhead wind project development and execution in India. Since then, his growth in the industry is a noteworthy success story.

Besides being on the board of directors, he is also the president of operations, heading manufacturing, supply chain management, project management, and execution, responsible for P&L account to holistically deliver projects to customers with respect to supplies, installations and commissioning of wind farm projects. At Inox Wind, Vineet is responsible for delivery of wind power projects to its customers encompassing setting up of business plan, AOPs and cash flows for the projects. Under his headship, the company commissioned over 3000MW of wind power projects across India.

Vineet makes connecting with others a priority to live a happy life. He tries to avoid stagnation, works until he can accomplish the task at hand, and focuses on developing his strengths. Always remembering to look on the bright side, Vineet trusts in the power of failure to learn life and professional lessons. It is his continuous effort to change an adverse situation rather than changing the person.

Before working with the Inox Group, Vineet worked with Jindal, Essar and Reliance Industries. He faced the challenge of land acquisition and fitment of models for the retail outlets but dealt with the issue with value engineering and quick release of drawings for executing & monitored all the project activities till handover of outlets. During one of the years with the INOX Group, he encountered the challenge of maintaining the time period and quality of execution during the feeding tariff regimes. But with Inox’s strong base and Vineet’s leadership skills, they could execute the project on time in spite of the environmental issues.

As a frontrunner, Vineet is a bundle of métiers that make him an impactful and dynamic personality in the company. He contemplates his relationship skills to be one of his fortes since he believes in building healthy relationships with customers and employees. Vineet is also an expert at change management and turning around underperforming businesses. Having headed a team of over two hundred individuals, his team management skills are flawless.

With regards to building a strong team, he suggests, “Nurture and appreciate the talent and human values to improve the company’s performance by developing a pipeline of other talents through training and development. Also, provide opportunities to develop the existing team members’ skills.”

Always doing something new in life, Vineet received recognition for setting up a retail petrol outlet in merely seventy-two hours. On top of that, he set up a hundred more such outlets in less than a year in Uttar Pradesh, India. When Vineet joined Inox Wind Ltd., the company was in its development stage, with only 50MW installed wind power for the group company GFL. But the strong-willed Vineet commissioned 262MW of wind power under four months of his joining. For a company that sets its foot in the wind business only recently back then, this newly installed wind capacity was no less than an achievement that confirmed their space in the market.

Ensuring each part of the team is working towards the same goal is also crucial for the success of a business. Focusing on thoughts and actions like these is what keeps the vehement Vineet going at work. He further directs people to accept success with dignity when they have the upper hand. In his message for readers, he includes, “Persistence can change failure into extraordinary achievement. Stubbornness usually is considered a negative quality. But I think it worked for me positively-You just can’t beat a person who never gives up.”

His ideology about being resistant in life is impactful. He elucidates that pain is temporary. Eventually, it subsides. But the feeling of being a quitter lasts a lifetime, and hence one should vow never to give up. Vineet doesn’t pay attention to people who don’t like his attitude. With a firm belief in himself, he doesn’t let others’ judgments affect his wondrousness.

A staunch believer in integrity, Vineet expresses how honest people always land at success. “It is a tiresome route, but one that will lead you to guilt-free success. Claim respect in your organization, society, and in your perception.”

Vineet Valentine Davis is more than just a proficient leader. He is a sedulous source of life’s blithesome energies.

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