Rajendra Vasu Kotian

A Successful Man who has Overcome Many Downs

Modest beginnings have the power to transform lives into something extraordinary if one taps on the right opportunities. Rajendra Vasu Kotian was born in Mangalore in 1961. His father & Him moved to Mumbai in 1968, leaving behind his mother and five sisters. After Struggling for many years, his father could finally save enough to bring the rest of the family to Mumbai so they could all live together. For them, money was always an issue in the house. But when tables turn, they turn beautifully! Today, he is a successful entrepreneur, providing livelihood to over a hundred laborers and vendors!

None of this was easy, though. Rajendra couldn’t score enough marks to find his name on A. P Commerce College’s admission list. But his Football performance made up for the lost scores, granting him admission through the sports quota. From that year, 1977, to today, he has lived a journey of growth while balancing life’s ups and downs.

In the same year, Rajendra Vasu’s father initiated a stationery store by the name Veekay Printers that he managed along with his fulltime job. Rajendra became his father’s left and right hand, managing the purchasing and delivery of items. The hard work paid when his father could quit his job to look after Veekay, the business that picked up over the years. From buying a house, getting married, and starting a journey in his personal life to entering a partnership with Mr. Pandit, buying their first single offset machine, and taking on newer products, Rajendra lived it all!

“I was a canvasser. I enjoyed margining with the labors and working with them.”

After his father’s unfortunate demise in 1998, Rajendra carried on with his partnership with Mr. Pandit. He also entered another partnership with Mr. Pandit by setting up two color machines under the name Vriddhi Enterprises. Both companies expanded prosperously, and they grew from one gala to three galas in the same industrial estate with a partnership that lasted twenty-five years. With the passing of his partner, the association met its end.

In 2016, Rajendra moved to Bhiwandi and set up a one stop print and packaging setup with everything under one roof from DTP to plate making and offset printing. The business that his father once commenced out of compulsion has today grown into a flourishing company. “The idea then was survival and nothing else! It all happened organically, and it has been a long, passionate journey. It stemmed out of a want to give my family a good life,” he adds.

Making quality products, always hustling & making things happen, and a genuine want to do better today than yesterday is what keeps him going. The fact that so many families are dependent on Veekay Printers makes Rajendra responsible towards their needs. His appetite for business grows out of the reputation built over decades by delivering honestly and valuing client commitments. Perfection, quality, and an eye for detail drive him to achieve more in life.

Offset print & retail packaging being segments of his business were severely affected due to lockdown. But they managed to survive and applying best efficiency practices to get through these tough times. “We ensured our employees received salaries and bonus even during the pandemic.”

Rajendra diversified his company by collaborating with FireNXT Australia amid the pandemic. “We are now a global manufacturer of FireNXT fire extinguishers ball, a ball with Australian technology that self-activates and extinguishes fires within eight seconds of coming in contact with a flame,” he explains.

Today, this man who has overcome many downs, contributes his success to sheer hard work and his faith in destiny even during the most gut-wrenching adversities. “I also contribute whatever success I have to my family, and am grateful for their support.”

Rajendra Vasu Kotian’s message to the readers is to draw inspiration from your own experience- “Work hard! your Sacrifices will reap success in the end. Always make time to unwind and for s elf-care. Don’t take your health for granted.”

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