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Mr. Raj Kumar Gupta is the CEO of Balaji Bollywood Entertainment USA Inc., an Entrepreneur, and a Humanitarian, shares insights about the industry and his story as a successful businessman.

Mr. Raj Gupta as the founder of Balaji Bollywood Entertainment USA Inc. has organized numerous fundraisers, charity events, Bollywood concerts, fashion shows, and beauty pageants all across the United States. He has been recognized for his humanitarian and entrepreneurial achievements by MBNA in 2019. He was recognized by the Governor of the State of Rhode Island, for highlighting Indian culture through fashion, performance arts and fundraising events to support women fighting cancer. Mr. Raj has been involved with Jago World Annual Holiday Gift Drive – a fundraising event and holiday party for foster children and orphaned kids for the last seven years. He has extensively volunteered and supported numerous organizations including EKAL, Hindi Munch, Jaipur Foot USA, IARI, Jago world.

Born in Jodhpur Rajasthan to a Marwari business family, Mr. Raj was always keen for technology and innovation, which eventually made him an Electronics & Computer Science engineer. He then moved to the USA in 1995 for his MBA and MS in Computer Science from SNHU and Harvard respectively. He worked in Bio-Rad laboratories, Accent Optical Technologies, and Nanometric. While as an inventor he contributed to various biomedical research products. He always believed that technological innovation can bring positive social change.

Mr. Gupta had graced ‘Passion Vista Global Icon Awards’ on 21st December 2019 in Hollywood at the Gala Dinner and Awards night. Here are a few excerpts from his Interview with Passion Vista team in Los Angeles:

PV: How did the idea behind Balaji Bollywood Entertainment begin? What was your inspiration?

Mr. Gupta: I came to the USA for my MBA & MS, and thereafter I worked extensively in the field of computer programming and biomedical research industry. While working, I started to realize that, I wanted to contribute to society in a positive way, thus started my business ventures. Since then I have successfully ventured into import and export, food industry, real estate management, construction, developing cutting edge technology and entertainment industry. The idea behind the entertainment business was to unite the local community and promote local talent and provide a common platform for fame and success of Indian Diaspora.

PV: Mr. Raj, please tell us a bit more about your initial ventures, how were they?

Mr. Gupta: I started Balaji international Inc. in 1995 when I was a student for the import and export of Indian Handicraft and Marble to the USA. Since then I have successfully ventured in a Balaji toasty subs and opened a chain of Quiznos subs in Massachusetts, started Balaji builders Inc. and invested in construction projects, Balaji property management for rental and real estate management. Since I am a huge Bollywood fan over the years, Balaji Bollywood Entertainment USA Inc. was formed and we have been successfully involved in organizing Bollywood concerts and events in Boston and New York area. My goal behind starting this company was to bring Bollywood events to New England areas and create opportunities for local talent and nurturing their talent, and empowering them with a platform to showcase their abilities. We are also involved in contributing to social causes like women empowerment, cancer research by organizing fundraising events and charity events.

PV: Mr.Gupta what it is that differentiates you, and Balaji Bollywood Entyertainment?

Mr. Gupta: My biggest competition is with myself. I believe my greatest USP has been the ability to work with local organizers like a team, they know the pulse of the audiences, what is in demand and provide important insights in the planning stage. My working style involves the community as a whole in projects for social causes. This prevents negativity and competition among local promoters and ensures profit for all. I believe in giving back to the community by bringing the community together in a profitable way. I also believe and contribute to projects promoting Women’s, Child’s healthcare and Education, Women Empowerment, and Cancer Research.

PV: What according to you was the turning point for growth in your career?

Mr. Gupta: Over the last decade, we have been going positively upwards. We have successfully ventured into the import and export business of Indian handicraft and Marble. We also succeedingly run a chain of Quiznos subs and real estate and construction business in Massachusetts. For our Entertainment Business vertical, we have collaborated with institutions like Hindi Munch, Ekal team and Jago world for fundraising and charity events. 2019 was a special year for us, as we organized Miss Bharat New England Fashion and Beauty pageant for the first time in Massachusetts. We also collaborated with a huge Bollywood concert and hosted charity trunk shows and charity fashion shows organized by Rohit Verma a celebrated Bollywood fashion designer. I think this year has been a turning point in my career as an Entrepreneur.

PV: Well, congratulations sir, and best wishes for future events too. Mr. Raj, what are you passionate about, and why, how does it either mould you as a person/your business?

Mr. Gupta: Thank you, I am very passionate about serving the Indian community by promoting Indian talent and bringing Indian culture and music to the United States. I am always looking for local talent and finding ways to give them a platform to showcase their talent. I also want to contribute towards the betterment of society by promoting causes towards Cancer Research and Women Empowerment. I am constantly trying to bring the community together for social and meaningful causes and promoting the Indian community and culture on an international horizon.

To provide a platform for the Bollywood industry in the USA, promoting local talent and creating social awareness, by raising funds for medical research and social causes, thereby uniting the community of local organisers in the USA as an association.

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