Dr. Subhash Kumar Sharma


Dr. Subhash Kumar Sharma, is a holistic Entrepreneur, C-Suite Executive, Life Coach &
Consultant, Author and Enthusiastic Social Worker.

With over 29 years of professional experience in various managerial and leadership of C- suite executive roles, worked upon Defence/ Aerospace (India), and handled varied techno-commercial and operational assignments, hopped between India, GCC, and African markets, Dr. Subhash Kumar Sharma currently works with Unitech Group as CEO, Head – Services for Fortune Cars (Unitech Gp Co.) and also runs his own business Fortune Leadership Academy for Global Success (FLAGS).

Dr. Subhash is a Certified NLP Practitioner and Professionally trained InnerMost Shift Leadership, Business, and Life Coach. Through Neurocognitive and Behavioural Approach of Neurosciences, Neuro-Linguistic Program(NLP) coaching, Dr. Subhash & his team, help facilitate self-empowerment, while freeing the utmost potential of the client. This is achieved using suitable tools and helps to know ourselves better and help distinguish our deep motivations from shallow ones, thus contributing actively to optimize personal pleasure and performance of the client. As NLP is the language of the mind, we use it effectively for the sustainable transformation of the client. NLP is recognized worldwide as the best tool to understand human behavior, overcome stuck patterns and lead a better life. In Life, Leadership and Clarity Coaching, our focus is on coaching clients in senior management and leadership roles, bound by and follow ICF ethics and guidelines.

Ever since Dr. Subhash was a small child, he was naturally inclined and passionate about helping people, would never like discrimination or injustice and stood up for others when they were bullied. Raised in a very humble environment in large joint family and that instilled virtues of amicable cohabitation, cooperation, empathy and meaningful contribution for all. He also realized that to make a mark and stand out, excellence in education is a must, hence all through his career, he worked towards developing & mentoring leaders, grooming teams and increasing efficiency of significant stakeholders for better performance and achievement of organizational goals.

In 2019, Leadership Academy – Fortune Leadership Academy for Global Success (FLAGS) was founded by Dr. Sharma, this academy is working towards scaling up youngsters and professionals in their quest for mastering leadership for success in life. This also enables him to serve hapless students by helping them in kind and thus giving back to society. Since its new beginning of this entrepreneurial journey, the plan is to be among the leading Leadership Academies in the country and expand the reach by collaboration with other leading Academies/institutes and also growing organically, for imparting world-class leadership training to the aspirants.

Prof. Subhash Sharma Mission 2030: Aim to train over a million leaders by 2030 and making an impact globally by developing young entrepreneurs and leaders.

Dr. Subhash is a proficient professional with a Doctorate in Management, EPM from Columbia Business School, NY, USA, MBA in HRM and a coveted Avionics Engineering expert. Dr. Sharma has received many Proficiency Award for Professional Excellence and is an expert in areas like Six Sigma, Innovation and Creativity, Leadership, Multi-cultural team Management, High Impact Leadership.

He believes in the Gandhian philosophy of Truth, Peace, Ahimsa & Vegetarianism; loves exploring countries, mingling with locals, understanding their culture & customs, capturing memorable memories through a lens, then sharing on social media with insights.

Dr. Sharma is an avid learner and a voracious reader delivers motivational talks and enjoys TED talks. He is also equally spiritually inclined, believes in selfless service towards humanity. His vision is to help people create a life of True Happiness, Inner Harmony, Love, Abundance, and Fulfillment by unleashing the best in them.

Dr. Subash Sharma’s quotes “Keep your heart open to dreams. For as long as there’s a dream, there is hope, and as long as there is hope, there is joy in living.”

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