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Mr. Piyush Keshav, a visionary in modern education and technology shares his journey to bring change in the current scenario of education.

During Piyush’s school time, while most parents were worried about their children’s scores, his father Late Dhirendra Kumar(DK) manager in Bank of Maharashtra, was imparting an important lesson in the subconscious of his son’s mind that – ‘Being Mindful Matters’.Hailing from a spiritual background, he learned Pranayama, Yoga, in early childhood. Life Lessons from Bhagwat Geeta and learnings of Upanishad and Vedas were inculcated in young Piyush’s mind, perched in his Grandfather’s lap, a Freedom Fighter and retired Joint Director of Agriculture, Bihar.

After completing his engineering in Electronics and Communication from Jaypee University of Engineering and Technology, Guna, at an early age of 22 years, Piyush had made up his mind to reject the placement offers from Multinationals. To paint his own canvas, with consent from his father, he began his journey to discover new dimensions in the rural education system. Thereafter, he visited rural and remote areas of North Bihar, meeting and interacting with thousands of students, teachers. On this unconventional voyage, he met Padma Shri Manas Bihari Verma [ Former Director of Aeronautics Development Agency, India. A man behind India’s first light combat Aircraft ‘TEJAS’]. Under his best guidance, he learned some of the brightest lessons of imparting true education. He then volunteered to work with Viksit Bharat Foundation of Bharat Ratna, Former President of India Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and Agastya International Foundation. Along with these visionaries, he coordinated for North India’s Biggest Science Fair inaugurated by CM of Bihar, Shri. Nitish Kumar.

Having understood the current Educational Standards and the impact on young minds he was saddened. Upon guidance from his mentor, renowned educationist Padma Shree Manas Bihari Verma he set to traverse across different parts of India to understand and build a nucleus model of education. Quest for education began in 2013, it was while walking along the shores of the river Ganga and hiking on the roads of Badrinath he exalted his spiritual journey. Blending scientific knowledge and spiritual awareness he crafted a revolutionary learning model -“SMILE – Self Motivated Intelligent Learning Environment” in 2014, Pune. SMILE is a model where learning coaches create a conducive environment in which students become self motivated to transcend in learning. His research paper was acknowledged twice in the International Journal of Education at IIT-Delhi. Later, with his exceptional experience and utmost passion, he founded ‘Orison Education India Limited’ in October 2016.

Orisons, four pillars are Learn, Think, Imagine and Innovate. The objective was to build character, to increase the strength of mind, to expand intellect and to make one stand on one’s own feet. It all began in a garage of the small town of Bihar and now established in Pune, Maharashtra with a vision of international footprints by 2022 and an IPO by 2024. Through its customized workshops, seminars and blended services it is helping students and teachers of schools, colleges to become insightful learners and researchers respectively. A franchise model of Orison Learning Studio, to be launched soon proposes to create a uniquely designed platform for Modern Age Learners.

From only five students (all siblings) in 2009, he guided more than 12,000 students across states of Bihar, Maharashtra, and Gujarat by 2019.

Piyush is passionate about, ‘Envisaging space tourism and modern technology and blending it with Ancient Wisdom and immaculate knowledge of Sages’.

In the past 10 years, he evolved his business model, from being a coaching institute for competitive examinations in 2009 to become a mascot for building a research-based education system in India by 2020, Piyush has continuously strived for innovating education services. With technology reshaping the learning environment, with access to information on smartphones, traditional occupations are now adapting to the use of technology. Modern technological advancements like artificial intelligence, augmented reality, IoT, ubiquitous sharing has the potential to reinvent the entire educational policies.
It is Time for #Reimagining Education.

In his views, accordingly, the education system has to be revamped to match the expectations of this era of knowledge and creativity. SMILE [Self- Motivated Intelligent Learning Environment] offers a Seven Stage Model for Self-Learning.

At Orison our vision is to have 10,000 plus learning studios in collaboration with educational institutions and governments across the globe, connecting 10 million young minds to learn and grow collectively. We envision a world of cooperation and collaboration to catapult civilization.

Piyush is a man with multiple awards and recognition in education, some of them being 2012- Rewarded
by Dr. APJ Kalam for the endeavour in the field of education and presentation on ‘Shaping of Young Minds’;2017- India Education Award – by Blindwink; 2017- Publication in International Journal of Education. Moving from Classroom to Learning Studios;2017- Paper Presentation at IIT Delhi on Learning Studios. He is also in demand as a speaker and contributed to 2018- Eminent Speaker in Bihar Entrepreneur Summit; 2019- Eminent Panellist Speaker in CIAC and BTVI-Bloomberg English News Channel, Voice of Business Series.

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