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Ms. Neetu Chandra, an Actor, Martial Artist, Thespian, Social Worker, Athlete, Indian Classical Dancer shares her story on cinema, directors, and digital platforms.

Ms. Neetu is known in the industry for her versatility, dedication to her work and diversity in her movies and for her flair to mould herself into any given character. She has shared the silver screen with Bollywood Titans including Amitabh Bachchan, played the solo lead in 2 National award-winning films and has worked with 7 National Award-winning directors.

Ms. Neetu debuted in Bollywood with the comedy flick garam masala, starring popular male actors Akshay Kumar and John Abraham. Her solo lead in nationally awarded films like ‘Traffic Signal’ and ‘Oye Lucky Lucky Oye’ has been highly appreciated by critics and the diverse Indian audience. Neetu is an accomplished athlete since childhood, she specializes in Taekwondo and has represented India 3 times in taekwondo championships. She is now the brand ambassador for taekwondo in India. An avid basketball player, she has been promoting basketball in India NBA since 2010. She surely takes her fitness seriously.

Ms. Neetu is associated with the United Nations as UN Women Gender 50:50 Champion, also serves as a brand ambassador for CPAA(Cancer Patients Aids Association) for over 8 years and has been working diligently towards creating awareness, fundraising for the eradication of breast cancer too. Ms. Neetu has a wide and diverse following on social media, she is very active on her handles, with a high impression to engagement ratio, she is efficient at influencing consumer behaviour.

Here are few excerpts from her interview with the Passion Vista team in Los Angeles, where she had personally felicitated the ‘Passion Vista Global Icons of 2019’ on 21st December 2019 in Hollywood.

PV: Neetu, We admire your skills as an actor, what is always that easy, could you throw light on your initial years in the industry?

Neetu: During my college days, I had worked on popular ad films, one of which was directed by Mr. Priyadarshan. That was a commercial with Mr. Amitabh Bachchan! After the shoot, Priyadarshan sir asked me whether I was interested in feature films, and when I said ‘Yes’, he offered me a role in his Garam Masala starring Akshay Kumar and John Abraham. Post that filmmaker Vikram Kumar offered me the lead role of Priya in his Tamil film Yavarum Nalam featuring Madhavan as the hero. So there was no looking back! Thank you for your continued support.

PV: Our readers and your fans, want to know your favorite co-stars and why are they your best bet?

Neetu: From my debut film Garam Masala – Akshay Kumar, because he is into fitness, and we shared a lot about fitness and regime, also John Abraham is very disciplined. Obviously, it was delightful to be working with the megastar, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan in Rann, sir is a perfectionist and I really look up to him. I also enjoy and share camaraderie with Abhay Deol, he is witty and likes doing variations. I have genuinely enjoyed all the genres I have worked in and my co-stars have been encouraging and inspiring. I simply love working with Paresh Rawal Sir as a co-star, he is truly a gem and we have done six films together.

PV: Which are your favorite genres of films?

Neetu: An actor’s job is to prove his or her versatility with every film or role that chooses. It has always been a conscious decision on my part to attempt different genre films and perform roles that challenge me as an actor. I love doing comedy as much as I love doing a romantic comedy or a love story or action film.

PV: What was the turning point for growth in your career?

Neetu: Undoubtedly, directed by Priyadarshan Sir and getting offered for my debut film opposite John Abraham and Akshay Kumar. That is the opportunity that opened the doors of Bollywood for me and I will always be grateful to the filmmaker for showing his faith and belief in me.

PV: State your MISSION 2030

Neetu: I really want to do action movies as I am a martial artist, promoting India on a global platform with action feature films. I’m glad that a few other Indian actors have made us proud and continuing their initiative. I want to be part of world cinema and mission with the equality of 50:50 men and women till 2030.

PV: Everyone has favorites, who is your favorite director you wish to work with?

Neetu: There are many known their amazing sensibilities and vision for cinema, like James Cameron, Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino, Clint Eastwood, Woody Allen and Alfred Hitchcock. Patty Jenkins is also amazing as much as Sofia Coppola.

PV: Digital & TV has been integrating a lot lately, please share your views on the digital platform?

Neetu: In my opinion, the streaming platforms in India has begun on a great note, a multitude of Indian and International directors, writers, actors are adapting to be part of these series. This new concept will flourish and push boundaries, create better opportunities for actors and create better choices for audiences. While we find people crib about television being restrictive, not cool or relevant anymore and that it has stuck in a time bubble. I definitely agree digital series are here to stay. The integration of content helps both the actor and the viewers.

Article Contributed by
Dhiren Trivedi.

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