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Mr. Himanshu Pant, an adept Real Estate Sales and Marketing professional with diverse knowledge and skills shares his story and insights about the industry with us.

Hailing from a middle-class family of educationists from Almora, Uttarakhand, Himanshu always excelled in his studies. His grandfather was the founder member of Kumaun University and a well-known author, having written many books in English grammar and literature. While his father, an engineer and a sugar technologist spent more than 40 years serving the sugar industry. His mother, a master’s in music, had served many leading schools and colleges as a music teacher. Himanshu is a management graduate from IIM Bangalore and Masters in Information Technology from Princeton University, the U.S. He had always been very ambitious and a peoples person.

With a vast experience of over 18 years, he is the present CEO of Jindal Realty Ltd. Elucidating about his current project, he shares that JRL is backed by the strong values of the Jindal Group founded by Shri O P Jindal. Himanshu heads a team of dedicated professionals who believe in achieving heights, are passionate.

No different from any successful man, Himanshu’s career was challenging, as he would not be able to maintain a life-work balance. He vividly expresses, ‘My family became a second priority. They felt it, yet gave their full support to me. I do regret this and work towards this even today’.

He expresses his gratitude towards his family and especially his wife Ruchi, who is an ex-banker and runs two pre-schools. Acknowledging the importance of family, he quotes, “One can never attain great heights in life without the support of family. I am very grateful to my wife, who was always there for me and helped me in striking a balance between my personal and professional life.”

Himanshu describes his success mantra in three ‘I’s’ (Intention, Intensity, and Impact). He shares, ‘Anything I do in life I try to begin with a strong intention of making it possible. Followed by the intensity and strategy of the number of trials I will make to achieve the same. Success is in our own hands because if you do not give up, you are able to strike a deal. So, last but not the least is impact, with which you work towards achieving your goal.’ He is a team leader, who believes in teamwork and gives equal importance and credit to his team members, this keeps them motivated and driven.

He considers, Pranav Ansal, vice-chairman of Ansal API, as his industry mentor and a great source of inspiration. Himanshu quotes, “Pranav’s sharp business strategies and vision of the industry are incomparable. I am lucky to have worked with him, he truly inspires me.”

Many of the projects led by him have been recognized and awarded as the most promising projects, this was made possible through his commitment and his passionately driven team. Mr. Pant reverberates – ‘Growth with Social Conscience ’ and these values are deeply imbibed in his professional life.

Stating the current changes in Government policies for Real Estate Industry, Himanshu expresses, ‘Most of the real estate policy changes are aimed towards enhancing transparency, creates accountability, speedy execution of property disputes amongst others. These are aimed to positively influence home sales and encourage great collaboration between the public and private sectors. This is a good start’.

Sharing his inspiration for tireless hours, Himanshu expresses, “My inspiration is the aspiration of a common man for having a shelter/house for himself and his family. Even today owning a house is the biggest dream in the mind of a common man. I only help aid the process.”

Along with his professional achievements, Himanshu has been awarded Best Actor of the State (Rajasthan). He secured the second position in the All India IPSC Debate. He was awarded the – ‘Young Achiever Award’ as well as ‘The Best Real Estate Professional of Punjab’. Himanshu volunteers for many NGOs in Delhi and is currently associated with an NGO called Oxfam. He is a strong supporter of the right to education and has sponsored the education of many children, primarily girls.

He is also conferred with ‘Czar of North Award’ by Hindustan Times; ‘Real Estate Icon Award’ by Times of India; ‘Best Real Estate Professional Award’ by Estate Avenue; NewS18 Real Estate Summit Award; Young Achiever Award amongst many others. He is also a reputed speaker and regularly contributes to real estate summits.

In his spare time, Himanshu loves to listen to classical music. He is a voracious reader and loves to expand his horizon of knowledge in every aspect. He ensures family time by traveling all across the globe and believes in learning from every culture.

Himanshu’s business philosophy includes putting the customers first and strives to secure their loyalty through top quality service. He values his team and seeks to help them achieve their full potential.

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