Kusum Jain

A Soul Bejeweled with Benevolence and Charisma

If art is to an artist, then jewelry is to a soul bejeweled with benevolence and charisma. The fabulous and creative designer, Kusum Jain, stepped into the field of jewelry designing eleven years ago as a passion. The hobby turned into a business that now shines bright in her eyes. Her designs adorn women around the world. Her venture, K Jewels n More, is a beautiful creation of jewelry based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.

Recently, she launched a new line of design that she proudly calls Karizma of Jewels, a balanced fusion of vintage and Rajwara gold jewelry. The elite collection comprises antique finish jewelry, traditional diamond Polki jewelry, rose-cut diamond jewelry, as well as brilliant-cut diamond jewelry in gold. They consist of beautiful floral designs as well as traditional motifs set in precious stones and real pearls.

On the family front, Kusum has been blessed with encouraging parents who instilled in her a value system that she treasures. Her husband, in-laws, and children are very boosting and supportive of Kusum’s career too. Together, all of them have been her backbone in dealing with life’s ups and downs.

Being a woman, it is always a mental struggle to manage work and family, and both exceptionally. Kusum considers this to be one of her most significant challenges when trying to climb up her career ladder. She never wanted there to be a moment where she missed out on caring for her young children or be unavailable when her business needed its boss. But she did it flawlessly, with her family always taking the front seat. In due course, Kusum mastered the skill of balancing, and she stands earnestly true to both her rules.

The pandemic brought in a learning lesson for the world, with everyone trying to find a fair spot in the global market in the new normal. This was yet another obstacle that Kusum had to encounter since she mostly catered to international clients. But with the sealing of the borders, she had to adjust to the novel ways of promoting business by making an appearance on the social media platforms. Soon, she was able to get in touch with old and new clients by posting pictures of her latest creations.

Although, the challenge of convincing the buyers that it will look as good and fine on them as in the picture is an ongoing process.

It was because of this effort that the karigars (workers) in her business could also work remotely and earn a living. She attempted to reach out to as many people as she could to ensure that they could sustain themselves during the lockdown.

Kusum, a hands-on mother, could impart the knowledge of her business to her grown-up daughters. She proudly calls them, “My two wings that help me fly.” With the two girls handling the routine business on their own, Kusum enjoys the time she has in the thing she loves the most- creating newer designs.

Passion makes so much more sense when one has a reason backing it. When Kusum was young, she would always watch her mother dress up gracefully. It is from then that she developed an interest in clothes and jewelry, which she, fortunately, converted into her passion and business. She enjoys creating aesthetic and exclusive designs with inspiration from natural objects like real flowers, carved wood, colored stones, etc.

Out of the many achievements, Kusum’s greatest one has been to work on the world’s most expensive dress at the London Fashion Show. The diamond-studded dress will soon stand for auction in Abu Dhabi, the funds from which will go to charity. Since she is a believer in having a passion for art, but that which can associate with charity, Kusum is overjoyed at being a part of this initiative.

Kusum is also the recipient of the B R Ambedkar Award. Her name enlists with many other global women in prestigious magazines like Bharat ki Laxmi and Glorious You, to name a few.

Always grateful to God for everything she’s achieved in life, Kusum Jain encourages people to be there for fellow humans whole-heartedly. In her message to the readers about finding success, she says, “There is no shortcut to success. Don’t try it. And always maintain a work-life balance.”

Kusum Jain, her tremendous talent, humble thoughts, and influential actions make her one the most admired global Indians.

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