Himanshu Yadav

A Success Story of True Grit, Sacrifices, and Hardships

Not everything we want to do is our destiny. Sometimes, destiny surprises us with something grander and we simply end up being ever thankful for it in our lives. Its undoubtedly the greatest gift bestowed on us by God which need to be preserved and cherished throughout our life Hailing from Meerut, U.P., Himanshu Yadav aspired to become a professional bodybuilder in his early twenties. But his excessive focus on this dream led to losing his edge in academics, after which Himanshu’s parents sent him away to Delhi to unearth his true passion. And, it worked!

It was during these years when he was pursuing a Diploma in Civil Engineering that he met his guide, Mr. Jain (then HOD of the Civil Engineering Department), who took upon the challenge of fine-tuning him into who he is today. Such was his influence that the young boy who twice failed in his early education excelled with a distinction and a merit based scholarship from the Institution.

After finishing his B.E. in Civil Engineering, Himanshu flew to Sydney, Australia, to complete his master’s in Construction Project Management from UNSW. Back then, Himanshu’s father were a successful businessman in the field of Industrial setups, majorly dealing in the establishment of new Paper/ Sugar/Tire-Tube/Chemical Industries. But Himanshu, were more fascinated by steel structures and prefabricated buildings. With his father’s blessings of doing something on his own, Himanshu took up his first job as a Site Engineer in Himachal to get the first-hand experience before establishing his business.

Despite being listed among the Men Leaders, the humble Himanshu still doesn’t prefer people calling him a businessman but rather prefers the title of an Engineer. His firm, Meera Engineering Company named after his mother, is also his driving force to achieve everything ethically in life. In this regard, he says, “It has always been my responsibility to see that nothing ever brings shame to this name. So, I make sure that all my clients don’t find an opportunity to point out any faults in the work we deliver. “I strive to honor my clients while prioritising perfection over profit or loss.” This man, who is a bundle of ethics, is beyond grateful to his wonderful family, who’ve been the backbone of all his achievements. His wife Madhulika yadav also a graduate from US keenly looked after their daughters Oohana and Dhruvikaa in his absence, always encouraging him to chase his goals. On the other hand, his father and brother helped him look after the business activities from shoulder to shoulder.

Himanshu’s late mother also left no stone unturned to offer her son the emotional support he required, who unfortunately succumbed to the recent pandemic. “Covid-19 has left an unrepairable void in our lives because I lost my mentor, my mother. With this loss, I will have to live with it for the rest of my life.” Despite this pain, Himanshu vows to be as strong-willed as his mother and carry forward her legacy.

A great admirer of self achievers who have created the life by themselves, Himanshu is someone who treasure and draws his strength from his family’s support, living life by the book, following his instincts, and swimming against the stream’s current. It would be fair to call his habit to judge people based on their ethics and morals. The government recently honoured Himanshu’s venture, “Himansh,” India’s first high-altitude lab built in Spiti Valley. “It is the highest recognition I have received so far for our work.” There have been several publications and newspapers have written about this project, Himansh, which is now also an important question in the UPSC curriculum.

In 2017, the Construction World Magazine published Himanshu’s first-ever interview in their edition on Prefab Construction in India. In the same year, Himanshu also featured in the tele-series aired on Indian television, “Safar Kamiyabi Ka,” hosted by popular television face Aman Verma. Through his story of true grit, sacrifices, and hardships, Himanshu sharing his profound knowledge with his energizing and inspiring words wants the world to know that there is a lot more power in righteousness to achieve something. He enlightens us with this positive contemplation, “You can spend your entire life chasing money but still be unsatisfied, on the other hand everything you achieve righteously will definitely bring you inner peace.”

Himanshu Yadav’s message for the readers is a torrent of positivity- “Be passionate about your work, work extremely hard, take controlled risks, and above all, believe in God!”

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