Ghita Beatrice Diana

She is from Bucharest, Romania. She started modelling at a very young age when she was 5 years old. Her mother was so excited to have a professional book of her pictures and happy to share her portfolia with agencies through photographer.

She has done a lot of commercials ad’s like Mercedes, Fulga (is a brand of milk), Danone, Vodafone, Help- Net (a pharmacy) and a lot more.

Also, she really enjoy playing volleyball. She is a volleyball player since she was 11 years old. She is very proud to be a part of national champions with her team.

She wanted to give all her attention in modelling. She recently came back from Milano where She signed a contract with Vega Models as my mother agency. She stayed in Milano for a month and she really loved that place. She is in her last year of high school and planning to go to college at Milano for modelling. She is having lot many options to built her career in international politics, diplomacy, global affairs and fashion marketing.

After getting experience in Milano , she is looking forward to see herself as a model. She loved working in Milano and had a great experience in meeting new people. She made cool friends in Milano and still in contact with them through Facetime. She is missing the time she spent in Milano. Currently , she is at the beginning of her career and confident enough . She believes that If you like what you do and if you are passionate about it you will succed for sure! She is very ambitious girl and feel herself safe in foreign country because of her mom. She have created an youtube channel about ‘model life’ because she wanted to share with everyone this beautiful journey! Her channel name: Diana-Beatrice and my Instagram is Beatricee.

She is posting healthy receipes and daily work out on her youtube channel.

Talking about her lifestyle, she loves to do gym 5 days/ week and prefer cardio alot. She follows healthy diet which comtains lot of protein, carbs, fruits and vegetables. She loves cooking for herself.

In 2020 , at national selections #MissRomania, management GMC Romania by Simona Simionescu Dinu, concept event #Romanianbeauty, winner in this competition and title “Top Mode Universe” for global contest, 2021.

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