Ann D’Silva

Best-selling Indian Author

If astral journeys, time travel, twin flames and all things mystical are your genre, then Ann D’Silva is your person.

Ann is an Indian writer who hails from the city that never sleeps, Mumbai. She spent over two decades in the corporate world in senior management roles across the globe before relocating to Turkey in 2019. She now lives in the beautiful city of Istanbul and is an avid traveller, influencer, blogger, fashionista and entrepreneur.

That’s not all, for she is also a humanitarian. Fiercely driven about social responsibility, Ann’s initiative ‘India Heart’ works for women empowerment in rural India.

“I am a soul traveler,” is how Ann describes herself, adding, “It took me many years to pen my experiences and the experiences of others. The countless parchments penned in ink were screaming to be heard, and that became my wake up call.”

Passionate about words, Ann eventually discovered that writing was her calling and being a storyteller was an expression of her creativity. But it all began with ‘bedtime stories’, she reveals: “The bedtime stories of my childhood transported me to magical places. I began carrying stories in my heart that were restless to find a life through words.”

And a life, they did find. Ann’s first best-selling book ‘Sand and Sea: Footprints in the Sand’ found itself translated in Turkish, while the second book in the trilogy, ‘Sand and Sea: Child of Two Worlds’ has just been released.

Talking about the undeniable pull of a good story, Ann says, “Stories are a place of mysticism for me; transporting a person from limitation to a realm of no boundaries filled with limitless possibilities. It is both invigorating as well as cathartic; especially the ones with great struggles and fearsome journeys, relentlessly laboring towards a happy ending.”

And how do dreams contribute to story-telling? “Dreams unveil what’s hidden in our subconscious; a universal truth that we are simply energy traveling through time; heavenly being having a human experience” shares Ann.

This brings us to the ‘Sand and Sea’ trilogy, Ann’s best-selling series of soulmates and nature’s connection to love. The books with prose as well as poetry cover spirituality, inclusive view on religion, and old sciences like astrology and past life regression. The story itself is one of hope and courage; it is woman-oriented as it addresses many pressing issues and stigmas that the urban women confront in our times.

The uniqueness of this series is that it is a travelogue across Turkey and India, tapping into its culture, the soul of different cities, cuisine and the bigger picture of human connect that binds people irrelevant of race, religion or borders. This book individually also taps into global issues like the loss of dignity through war, the displacement of the Syrian refugees, the heart connection of adoption and the importance and respect to Mother Nature.

The series begins in the garden beneath which rivers flows, the place where the Sand “Kum” and the Sea “Deniz” were born before the creation of mankind; first soulmates, two halves of one whole, the two parts of eternity. Protectors in an unseen war against the plots of Fujur “Evil”, guiding those on the path of Taqwa “Good”. They are the guardians of lovers since the beginning of the life age of mankind, relentlessly watching over them, aligning their paths across parallel lives for the ultimate payment of karmic debt.

‘Footprints in the Sand’, the first book of the series, is a journey of Hannah; part Koli, East Indian Catholic who lives in Mumbai where the Sea watches over her. Her dreams are haunted by a voice that calls to her through the breeze. Fate leads her to Istanbul where she finds part of the puzzle in the Ezan of the Blue Mosque. What could an Indian woman and a Turkish man have in common? Could dreams be messages from our parallel lives? Does nature really speak to us? Only those who believe will pass the test.

The book was published in January 2019 and is presently a bestseller.

The second book ‘Child of Two Worlds’ taps into the life of Özcan Güneş, his journey, struggles of identity, and the delicate subject of adoption. Karmic debt follows our protagonists Hannah and Özcan till it is finally settled. The war of “Fujur” Evil and Good “Taqwa” happen at the shore of the Sand “Kum” and the hidden mystery of the countless grains of sand is revealed. Are there any coincidences in life or is the plot written before we came to be? The book will take readers on a journey to mystical places, sights of human ruin, experiences of pain and joy, poetry, angel messages and much more.

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