Emma Weaver

A best-selling author changing the world’s mental health scenario

CEO and Founder of Mental Wealth International, Emma Weaver, found her career path at her college in mental health community well-being services. The consciousness that poor mental health can impact anybody that it knows without prejudice was a massive learning for her. Being a young mother, she took on the challenge to set an example for her daughter by going back to college and keeping education a priority.

With help from her parents, who lived close by, Emma managed to create a flawless work-life balance, wherein she outperformed at work while still being an available mother to three. She worked in the same organization for twenty-two years, managing mental health services across multiple areas. It was in 2019 when Emma thought about bridging the gap between mental health services and supporting people. She quit her over the two-decade job and founded Mental Wealth International, offering support to businesses, gyms, corporates, and the construction industry to create a culture of mental well-being.

Encountering many challenges while setting up this company meant isolating herself from the world. “Finding the balance can be difficult, and surrounding yourself with the right people is crucial. Knowing your “why” is essential to last through tough days, including a never-give- up attitude. You have to make sacrifices- events, time management, and sometimes seven sleep. The world has become a small place, and with time differences, this can be challenging.”

Emma also explains how working on one’s mental health means changing their mindsets, which means she constantly keeps working on her mindset while autotuning it to learning new things every day. Even though she accepts that women have found a footing in the world, she also points out how it’s still a long road ahead for organizations to meet womens’ needs. The pandemic scenario, she points out, encouraged blended working, meeting the needs of women, especially working mothers.

She suggests, “Ensuring workplaces hold the values that you are aligned with and that systems and policies are in place to support and elevate women, leaving no room for discrimination or lack of respect. Put effort into self-development, build a tribe of women around you, gain confidence and bring it with you to work and you will achieve higher levels of success.”

Emma doesn’t get affected by people’s attitudes, which is also one of her strengths, although she strongly feels it acts as a barrier to women trying to create an opportunity for success. Yet another obstacle she faced was traveling from a rural place in Ireland to bigger towns and cities for education and work. It consumed a lot of her time, which she wished to spend with her children at home.

People who show up for themselves even on the hardest of days inspire Emma every day. But two special people make it to the top of her list of inspirations, including Amelia Earhart, who followed her dreams against all odds paying the ultimate price, and her mother because she has the biggest heart. “I have always felt her unconditional love.”

Being an avid reader, she indulges in it during her free time, mostly on weekends. Emma also enjoys hitting the gym and staying physically and mentally fit. Some of her other habits include taking long walks, listening to music, watching TED talks, meditating, and journaling about her day.

There was a time when Emma felt like she didn’t have a voice. After finding one and how it became her passion for empowering people to find and use their voice. “Everyone should be able to be heard and realize we all have different ways of communication. Supporting people to create cultures of well-being throughout all of society and thrive with mental wealth. Creating a positive impact on people’s lives and reaching everyone, and knowing no boundaries or exclusions.” Knowing and understanding her “why” is essential and what drives this fervid leader every day.

Author of the best-seller “The Blue Line,” two-times Tedx speaker, female ambassador for Think Network & Evolve, ambassador of the book “The colours of me,” Emma Weaver is a living inspiration to the world. Despite achieving so much, her humility remains in calling her children her most significant accomplishment to date.

Her mantra remains, “Always show up for yourself, whether you think you can, or you think you cannot, you are right; it is all about mindset continue to work on that always.”

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