Sarmistha Mitra

Leading Holistic Therapist and Consultant

“I believe our wounds open the doorway of our inner world, creating an opportunity for personal growth and evolution. The fault lines invite change that transforms these wounds into a source of inspiration for others,” shares Sarmistha Mitra, Leading Holistic Therapist and Consultant.

Sarmistha’s revelation is reflective of her journey. Born in a middle class joint family with 14 members, Sarmistha grew up feeling unwanted for various reasons. Primary among them being her father wanted a boy. When she was two, her parents had a son and her father’s wish was fulfilled, while she remained the unfavoured one.

Later she came to know that her parents married in haste because she was conceived. This left her feeling like she was never good enough, and that reflected in all her relationships, marriage and work.

However, her journey into the Inner world helped her solve the puzzle. She found a new direction to empower herself as well as others.

She says the foundation of her future was laid in her school: “My mother chose my school because it was near her office. Little did I know that at The Assembly of God Church school, what I would learn would be beyond the realms of academics; during the foundation years of a child’s life, I was learning to explore new ideas and concepts of spirituality.”

As an adult, Sarmistha became passionate about helping people step out of their limitations and claim back their personal power, their wholeness. In this regard, she pursued rigorous study to learn various modalities of holistic healing.

Some of her accreditations include: Masters in Transpersonal Psychology, Teacher of Dream Work and Dream Interpretation, Teacher of Meditation and Inner life: Atlantic University; PG Diploma in Transpersonal Regression Therapy: TASSO; Diploma in Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy: EKAA; NLP Master Practitioner: Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming; CBT: The Beck Approach; and Trauma release therapies.

Sarmistha had spent the early part of her life on nurturing her family and bringing up her only child. But once she fulfilled her responsibilities, she plunged into building her career with total focus.

The biggest challenge she faced on her professional journey was being on her own without any Godfather or Guru who could open doors of opportunity, making her ascend a bit stiffer than others. But Sarmistha persevered and became an authentic and professional holistic practitioner and teacher with myriad skills.

In her endeavour to help people live mindfully through the mind-body-spirit communion and bring out the best in themselves, she soon founded – DecodeYou© – A Transpersonal Journey to Wholeness.

“DecodeYou© is the product of my lifelong research. It is a phenomenal journey into the inner worlds of the human psyche where true healing  lies. A journey recommended for every individual to decode the unconscious, know themselves, and understand the correlation between microcosm (you) and macrocosm (universe),” says Sarmistha.

The health and wellness industry across the globe is quite women-centric. As opposed to the cut-throat corporate world, are women more supportive of each other in the health industry? “We aren’t any better or worse than men in supporting others. Supportiveness isn’t gender specific… it has more to do with an individual’s upbringing,” she says.

Sarmistha feels that women can further achieve success by not trying to prove they’re better than men: “Don’t put men down, and don’t look down on women who chose family over career; only try and achieve the best versions of yourselves. Additionally, I would suggest women to work on themselves to heal the trans-generational trauma which we are carrying in our DNA from our women ancestors who had been the victim of social subjugation and repression.”

As a successful leader, who or what has inspired Sarmistha? “It has been thirty-one years of self-work, quite a long time to realize that I am not here to follow the footsteps of someone else! I follow my inner call, you may call it intuition,” she states.

Sarmistha’s clients’ rave reviews and her pioneering work in the holistic wellness segment has seen her scale dizzying heights. There are many who swear by her passion, patience and total commitment today.

In addition to being a holistic practitioner, Sarmistha is also a motivational speaker, blogger, proud mother of a 23 year old gentleman who lives and works in London, animal lover, and a student of life. In recent times, she has founded PAST Release Therapy© (Psychosomatic Anxiety Stress Trauma) and won the Excellence in Holistic Health Award – World Health Awards, while being a nominee for Inspiring Achiever – Milestone Global Awards.

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