Emy Knazovic

A winner who is all about giving, loving, and inspiring

Struggles can take people in only two directions, on the path to destruction or becoming a success story. Emy Knazovic falls in the latter category of people who encountered not one but many massive struggles. Be it her disturbed childhood in Hungary, running away from home at the age of twenty-one, separating from the love of her life, living life as a single mom, battling alcoholism, and surviving suicide, Emy survived it all! This survival spirit and introspection of why God kept her alive through all this filled her with love. She wanted to share this love with the world. Thus began her beautiful entrepreneurial journey.

It all started when Emy started blogging about her life experiences. At this time, women started to reach out for help. When other women began reaching out to her for help, she decided to make helping people something she did for a living. Emy built a tribe on Facebook with the help of a business coach, but to her misfortune, Facebook disabled her account in 2019. “I was devastated, broke, living on a thirty-three-cent soup a day, in tears, and facing bankruptcy. At that point, I had to make a decision. I either focus on feeling sorry for myself and see how bankruptcy works or I put my knowledge, experience, skills, and wisdom to work and create what I meant to do in this world.”

Emy initiated online coaching and marketing herself on LinkedIn. Within just twenty-one days, she signed her first client, and within just twelve months, she built over 100,000 followers. Even though the world talks about balancing between work and home, Emy doesn’t believe in it. She believes that her passion is a part of her life, just as a family, relationships, and health. One doesn’t need to find time for something they love doing. “My work is my life. It fulfills my soul, just as a hug from my children.”

Personally, Emy teaches women to create their own economy. She believes that women can create their own empire rather than just climbing the ladder of success and that empowered women will empower more women. “We inspire each other to be better, to do better, and achieve anything we put our minds.”

Working in one organization for thirteen years and trying to rise higher within the same organization was challenging. But Emy counts this as a blessing in disguise since it helped her think out of the box to open her mind to new possibilities and try new things. But one of her bigger challenges was believing she could run her own company and thrive in it. “Women are capable of so much more than we receive credit for, and if we get a chance to prove what we can do, we can create magic in the world.”

Emy looks up to Bob Proctor, Napoleon Hill, and Earl Nightingale. Bob Proctor shifted her thoughts and belief when she saw him explaining to people about creating wealth and success. She implements what she learns and lets that be an ongoing process which she fears is what most people don’t do. She explains how knowledge is nothing without implementing what we learn.

With the strong will to create, give, inspire and motivate people in life, she keeps going on every day like any other day. Emy spends her free time reading and journaling. During these free days, which is mostly on Sundays when she creates ideas to implement for her business so that she can help people grow. “My time is like feeding my mind and soul.” The inspiring woman leader encourages others with thoughts like, “It’s all about setting yourself up for winning the life you want to live. It’s all within you. The outside circumstances will change as you change the way you think, act, and behave.”

Emy doesn’t end any day without the habit of visualizing a moment in the future, seeing herself already achieving that she wants to create in the future. It helps her stay in touch with her dreams; she believes that these visualizations will convert her dreams to reality.

With the passion for filling her soul with love every day, Emy Knazovic spearheads in her life with the simple message for people to “BELIEVE, to love fully and completely. Step out of your comfort zone and take the risk, be different, and be you. You’re precious, you’re worthy, and you don’t need anyone else’s permission to be the best version of you.”

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