Rosita Bhagwandin

Global entrepreneur in the luxury segment

While the world was laid back at home during the lockdown, Rosita Bhagwandin spent her hours assisting a stranded student who was harassed by an unknown stranger during the pandemic, as well as repatriate a student who was stucked at an airport with no money nor place to stay, among other such heroic acts. “Comforting these two girls was truly soul-satisfying,” exclaims Rosita, a global entrepreneur in the luxury segment.

A third generation Indian diaspora, Rosita was born in Suriname, South America. The family moved to the Netherlands for its advanced medical facilities when her father started facing health issues. While he is better now, unfortunately Rosita’s mother passed away just before Christmas 2020. Recalling her memories, Rosita shares, “My mother has been and will always be my role model. I have forever been inspired by her, her deeds, integrity and virtues. She taught me to be strong and confident, I am who I am only because of her spectacular parenting skills. I have inculcated her wisdom and do my best to impart it as I raise my own family. I dearly miss her but she is still guiding me; I don’t see her but I feel her.”

Rosita’s qualifications include High School, Driving-Instructor, Master Class Sales, Beautician, Protocol training, Airline Systems training and specialisation in management. During her position as Senior VIP Protocol Officer at the VIP Centre in Amsterdam Airport, she gained 20 years of experience in the airline industry.

Armed with this experience and skill, she established two companies – ‘Global Touch Luxury Services’ and ‘Global Touch Management and Consultancy’, both under the umbrella of ‘Global Touch Group BV’. She is also the Deputy Managing Director at Eureka in Brussels and International Partner at WBAF (World Business Angels Investment Forum) for Netherlands. Rosita is also actively involved in Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment.

Rosita’s mission is to provide a personal, exceptional and memorable 7-star experience to each and every guest through her two companies. She is proficient in handling high profile clients like Royals, Heads of States, Government officials and business executives. Her vision is to extend and promote these services globally and build professional relationships in Asia, Middle East, Europe and rest of the world.

A highly experienced travel industry professional with strong business insights, Rosita says her only passion is ‘hard work’: “I believe in smart work but I know there is no substitute for hard work and that is what drives me to my goals. Even on weekends, you will find me at my office, planning for the week ahead.”

The awards and accolades she’s garnered include Vice-President, Council of International Chamber of Commerce headquatered in Kosovo , 2021; Board Member, Rockefeller & Gormus Capital Management, Istanbul, 2021; World State President, Royalty World Peace Advocate, The  Paramount Sultan Empire State (federation) of the Philippines, Philippines, 2020; Advisor, PINK Jaguars Entertainment, United States of America, 2020; VIP Protocol Hostesses, Embassy of Sri Lanka, The Netherlands  2019; Member, UAE – Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, Kosovo 2019; Member, Order Knights King Solomon, United States of America, 2019; VIP Protocol Hostesses, Embassy of Cameroon, The Netherlands 2018.

With such a high flying work life, how does Rosita balance her personal and professional lives? “Time management is my biggest challenge. Time and tide wait for no one and I manage my personal and professional life in a way so as to balance both. With time, I have learned to juggle,” she says.

Speaking about how there is lots more to be achieved with regard to women empowerment, Rosita says, “I dream of a day where there are no female leaders but just leaders. Challenging ourselves daily helps women boost their confidence and pushes them out of their comfort zone. Self-promotion is a key factor, it is vital for a woman to share her values, focus and thoughts – this elevates her stature and promotes her up the map.”

Rosita has led an accomplished, fulfilling life. Ask her the secret, and she shares, “One day our body will turn to dust. That is the only Truth of Life. And that’s why as long as we live, we have to be committed to each other in good times and bad. Following this thought, my vision in life is to open orphanages and attend to the needs of children and educate them. A reader today will be a leader tomorrow and I want to be in the process of nurturing future leaders.”

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