Dr. Patrick Businge

A Lighthouse for “Greatness” and Metamorphosis

“Discontent is the seed of change. You will never change what you tolerate”- Dr. Myles Monroe.

Many can quote famous lines, but not everyone dares to step out of their comfort zones and initiate a change. Dr. Patrick Businge belongs to the latter group of people. His formula, “Nothing is permanent,” renovated his life from poverty to greatness. Dr. Patrick also swears by the role of education in one’s life since it has the power to metamorphose what life gives us into what we want from life.

It is with this volition that he graduated with a Doctorate in Education from one of the finest universities in the world – The University of Exeter. Delighted with Dr. Patrick’s performance, the then chancellor whispered to him, “Go and change the world.” He knew right then that he wouldn’t settle for anything less than extraordinary.

Being a Ph.D. student who invested time in studying the lives of several kings, leaders, celebrities, and institutions, Dr. Patrick apprehended the need to preserve “greatness” research for future generations. That’s when it struck him that people did not have the right platform to showcase their greatness researches. He was uncomfortable with people dying without manifesting or celebrating their greatness. “What is the point of speaking or memorializing a person’s greatness in a eulogy?”

Dr. Patrick successfully converted his righteous thoughts into actions. In 2015, he founded the Greatness University to help people discover, develop, and deliver greatness. It has been five years since the inception of this well-thought educational platform, and the team has fashioned the World Book of Greatness and the World Greatness Awards to motivate students. Gaining knowledge is one thing, but receiving such laudations makes one feel stand-out, seen, and heard. “That is just what a learner needs to boost their personalities,” he adds.

Great leaders have greater accomplishments. Dr. Patrick Businge hasn’t merely worked upon greatness researches but has also written peer-reviewed journal articles, published over 12 books, and co-authored with over two-hundred people. To date, his greatness coaching continues to change the lives of people, businesses, and organizations. He aims to support individuals and nations re-write their futures.

A man who has the power to start from scratch and make it to the top is an inspiration. Dr. Patrick is worth all the credit in the world, which iChange Nations accredited. They created an award titled The Professor Patrick Businge Greatness Award for those who Dr. Patrick mentored and for those who emulate his example.

Starting from changing his life to wanting to change the world, Dr. Patrick has encountered and accomplished the unthinkable. Today, he is a representative of peace and education at the United Nations. He has also received honorary doctorates for his contributions towards education and humanity. Dr. Patrick played a pivotal role during the African diaspora, which didn’t go unnoticed either. The Apostolic Pastoral Conference honored him with a distinguished Fellow of the Order at the St. Hadrian of Canterbury as an acknowledgment of his deeds.

Dr. Patrick, the change-maker, vouches for his selfless style of leadership. “If you aren’t a selfless servant, you cannot become a great leader,” he expounds. His bliss comes from facilitating people to attain greatness. What makes him a beautiful soul is that he contributes to making people successful and happy, and yet, being second to them doesn’t bother him. Dr. Patrick adds, “That is my objective- to help those who seek my advice become greater than me.”

Much like poverty, failure couldn’t hold Dr. Patrick down for too long either. “Greatness flourishes in the dark,” he says. According to him, the dark places help discover ourselves better. Anyone who can risk facing the dark and can find their way to light can find the best version of themselves. He lost business due to the COVID-19 pandemic and BREXIT. But he believes that there is an opportunity at the end of every failure. Even though the global situation hasn’t changed, Dr. Patrick’s positive attitude could alter the fate of his company within months.

Dr. Patrick accentuates the skill of self-management to become a good leader. “Self-management engenders taking responsibility for your greatness. It means being responsible for who you are: your life, your well-being, your purpose, your goals, your time, your resources, and consequently your future.

Taking it slow in business decisions, not jumping to immediate conclusions, and resetting our mindsets with the fast-changing world are some of Dr. Patrick’s guidelines for young entrepreneurs. Having a vision for a simplified personal and professional life is yet another of his recommendations for re-energizing an overworked team.

He suggests to surround ourselves with people who also seek greatness by adapting to his “P.E.O.P.L.E formula.” The idea is to be purposeful, encouraging, an opportunity expert, productive, to live full, and to be exemplary.

Dr. Patrick continues to strengthen his aura with his upcoming project-Greatness Apprentices- a program that will take native greatness to the world stage.

He is unstoppable and rightfully a lighthouse for “greatness” and metamorphosis.

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