Dr. Kavita Rao

Exceptional Banker & Inspiring Influencer

Some people have such magnificent life experiences that they transform themselves completely and become an inspiration for others. Dr. Kavita Rao is a warrior who flew out victoriously in every phase of her life. Her life is a remarkable story that has to be heard.

Dr. Kavita Rao is a banker and LinkedIn influencer who is currently working as an AVP in a private bank. Dr.Kavita has a double gold medal in economics. She completed her graduation and post-graduation from Pune University and holds six honorary doctorates.

Looking into her childhood, Dr. Kavita Rao says that she has been an introvert during her early childhood. Different from her current personality, Dr. Kavita Rao preferred to be silent and shy during her school days. Kavita has two brothers and a sister, who she says has been the constant source of encouragement for her. Kavita firmly believes that her experiences and determination played out a crucial role in transforming her into today’s charismatic influencer. Coming from a defense background, Dr.Kavita’s father kept navigating her on the right track. Her father knew Kavita had a great future and gave her valuable insights throughout her life. Kavita learned to face her fears and tackle down the obstacles from her father. This turned out to be very vital for her to survive the harsh realities of life.

After her marriage, Kavita was working in the USA. However, she was facing difficulty traveling back and forth. This is when she decided to work in the Indian industry. She expressed, “I also had to pay out colossal debt amount due to an unfortunate incident.” Dr.Kavita defined it as a rough phase of her life with all these financial burdens on her shoulders. Nevertheless, she was not someone who gives up easily. Over a certain period of time, Dr.Kavita efficiently handled her debt and single-handedly managed her financial problems without asking for a single penny from anyone else.

Talking about her leadership strategy, Dr.Kavita conveyed that she has a unique set of approaches to handle each individual in her team. She says, “Each person is unique in their own ways, some people have certain skills while others have different skills. You cannot measure everyone on the same scale. This is why I try to identify their strengths and shortcomings. I believe professional life is a journey where we help each other out in building strengths and eliminating weaknesses. As a leader, I try to be a part of this journey with my teammates”. Dr. Kavita has a magnificent approach to maintaining the equilibrium of her professional and personal lives. She identifies herself as a sassy boss at the office and a loving mother at home. Whatever happens in the office stays in the office and in the same way, personal matters should not interfere with the integrity of professional life.

Coming to an intriguing part of Dr.Kavita Rao’s life – she is the winner of “Mrs.India West 2019”. When asked about this beautiful endeavor, Dr.Kavita chuckled and replied, “It still feels surreal”. Dr.Kavita never dreamt to participate in such glamorous events. However, destiny had decided something different for her. Surprisingly, Dr.Kavita got an opportunity to participate in the Mrs.India West event. She was not sure about this decision at that moment but thought to give it a shot. Turns out, she had much more potential than she thought she had. “I just tried to be myself, all other participants were so glamorous and I thought there is no way I can beat them. I have always been insecure about not having prior experience – it was confidence and charisma.” Well, Dr. Kavita performed so brilliantly making everyone awestruck. The triumph was always destined to be in her name. After winning Mrs India West title she got into the glamour industry and today actively balancing both. She is also part of more than 20 international and national NGOs. An International Newsletter titled her “ Beauty with Brains”.

Dr. Kavita Rao has a great message for our young audience, “Never let someone else’s perspective of you hamper your life. Be true to yourself because only you know about your capabilities and shortcomings. Insecurities are catastrophes, so do not fall into this trap of feeling like you are the victim. Because you are not. Stand up for yourself whenever it is necessary and work on diversifying your personality.”

Awesome perspective and insights that we all can use at some point in our lives.

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