Dr Janantik Pandya

Straightforward Business Ethics, Compassionate Values and a Goal-oriented Mindset

“Passion is a simple yet profoundly all-encompassing narrative to describe the essence of a true entrepreneur.” Statements like these can only come from someone who has tasted the result of their passion, which then translated into success.

Dr. Janantik Pandya has obtained a bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy from India, and a master’s degree in Health Management from the University of North Alabama, USA. Mr. Pandya has been working in the healthcare industry, owns, and operates his companies since the past decade. He also holds part ownership of real estate franchise hotels with over one-hundred and thirty employees. Mr. Pandya’s wife Dr. Surta Pandya has also obtained a Master’s degree in physical therapy from India and has accomplished herself as a Physical Therapist by completing Doctor of Physical Therapy from Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, USA.

Mr. Pandya’s companies include Advanced Care Rehab Services, which he started in 2011 in Detroit, Michigan. It has passionate and hardworking individuals working in it. Under Mr. Pandya’s guidance, it has become one of the well-known Outpatient clinics in Wayne County.

National Therapy Services is his healthcare staffing agency in which he serves as the President of the company. National Therapy Services has been providing staffing services to home care, outpatient, and skilled nursing facilities in the states of Michigan, Texas and New york covering various counties. In the past 10 years National Therapy Services has sponsored 70+ Indians for H-1B VISA as healthcare workers. In National Therapy Services, Mr. Pandya holds experience in managing over sixty health care workers like physical therapists, nurses, occupational therapists, and social workers.

Mr. Pandya is a managing partner in the Lighthouse Hospitality Group, which is a full-service hospitality management company. It currently owns, operates, and manages franchise hotels in six states. Headquartered in Stevensville, MI, the group has a solid reputation for providing quality performance and value-added results.

The hospitality sector struggles the most to serve people with the upmost patience and humility. According to Mr. Pandya, the success of any business depends on the skills of working members. The training that the team receives under Mr. Pandya’s headship is so valuable that they continue to work with his institute for a long time. “They know they’re respected when they work with us,” he adds.

It took time for Mr. Pandya’s ventures to get noticed by the people in the industry. The competition was high, and finding a visible spot was challenging. But the “caring” image that the company earned changed the fate of this institution and its people.

Profit-oriented and business-focused, Mr. Pandya finds his strengths in running tight operations, his confidence, staying self-aware, and in creative thinking. He has a clear plan for the growth of his firm and people and prefers to keep his ideas aligned with the business.

Passion and Sensitivity are the primary traits in every good entrepreneur. Mr. Pandya shares how these traits sometimes lead to emotional outbursts, which then lead to irrational decisions. Being an impactful leader and businessman, he finds this one of his most distracting moments. He fears how the team could lose trust in him during such moments. “Directing your emotions to “Celebrating” success instead of reacting to setbacks will energize your clients, partners, and employees,” he advises.

Fervor is as significant to Mr. Pandya as to anyone else who wishes to make it to the top. In his opinion, it is the chief driver of successful businessmen anywhere in the world. “With passion, a businessman possesses an inherent fuel and inexhaustible stamina that constantly drives my actions forward. This superior energy helps me overtake and surpass various challenges and injects a certain indescribable strength to continue pursuing goals when difficulties arise.”

For a company to expand, it needs to increase its reach with existing target customers and acquire new ones. But there is a way to do it, and every professional or entrepreneur should be able to find their path. Mr. Pandya suggests that being focused solely on the present and making snap decisions about the future is never a good idea. For this, he shares his success mantra of investing time and energy after careful consideration of the future. “Your growth strategy will help you make good decisions for the future of your business, even though it might seem uncomfortable to place bets when even the present seems uncertain.”

Besides being the guiding member to his employees, Mr. Pandya is also valuable to many other organizations and associations. He is a Member of the Physiotherapy Association of India, a board member of the Senior Indo American Society of Dallas, Outreach Member of health team of BAPS religious organization, Dallas.

Being in the healthcare industry, Mr Pandya founded The National Therapy Services which he is operating successfully for last 10 years. His wife is a licensed registered physical therapist and a member of American Physical Therapy Association. Additionally, Mr Pandya holds partnership in two Holiday Inn Express. He is a voting member in Best Western Hotel and a certified member of Owner Association of Choice Hotel.

His message to lead a successful life is classic- “Success is bound to touch your feet. Keep your head up, and never lose the smile. Work hard and be true to yourself.”

Mr. Pandya and his straightforward business ethics, compassionate values, and goal-oriented mindset are inspiring.

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