Dr Milap Goud

The Quintessence of Benevolence

Dr. Milap Goud, whose passion lies in serving mankind, is amongst the few determined people who chose the tougher path to tread! If not, he wouldn’t have dared to think, “No matter how tall the growth may be in serving other companies, but the thrill, excitement, and satisfaction of finding your own space ethically, in a fiercely competitive industry is far more fulfilling.” That passion led to the inception of Knnamp Enterprise, now known as Knnamp Drilling Fluids Services Pvt. Ltd. It has been four years since, but the zeal to be remembered as a fair and ethical business entity remains afloat.

Merely four years into this massive industry, and Knnamp already has heads turning. It is the only firm in India with an IADC recognition to conduct training programs in drilling fluids, both advanced as well as basic and in “ Cement slurry design”. With a solid director as Dr Milap, the company carved a niche after discovering two new products relating to the drilling fluids, used in oil/gad drilling activity of E&P industry.

Formative years can either teach one the best lesson or break one forever. Dr Milap is the one who learnt the best of his life lesson during these years. Family traits of integrity, frugality, and a strong desire to achieve virtuous success has now become an indispensable part of his personality, which reflects in the way he runs his business. A sizeable balance sheet doesn’t impress this high-minded man. A good reputation that stands tall enough to touch the stars and yet feet firmly held on ground, knits him and his family together where each one thinks and cares for each other!

A zig-zag career graph with set-backs or a smooth patch of profit doesn’t command Dr Milap’s emotions. His happiness lies in his ever-inspiring spouse in the form of his biggest strength, a caring wise son, two affectionate brothers, a loving daughter-in- law and his two adorable grandsons.

Dr Milap recollects the onerous professional challenge being in delivering his fullest potential in a system that often caps the creativity and innovative abilities of an individual due to structured work culture. Staying upbeat with the different working cultures in private firms and overseas clients demanded a lot out of him too. Yet, every setback fueled him to bounce back with matching enthusiasm, enough to enable him keep marching forward on the path of success.

The pandemic, too, taught Dr Milap and his team of keen employees a lot. They constantly looked for ways to adapt and innovate rather than just hoping to survive these trying times. Little did he knew that this bold strategy would work wonders to his company! Knnamp came closer to all the leading petroleum engineering and few chemical engineering institutes to launch an online “free internship” program for those petroleum / chemical engineering students, who were struggling for an opportunity, that was usurped from them due to nation-wide lockdown. This opened up a new business avenue, pioneered by Knnamp in drilling fluids segment for the first time in India! The goodwill gesture, coupled with uncompromising attitude of imparting the best education without charging a single penny, spread like fire in the jungle and soon, many aspirants opted to avail internship even by paying a marginal fee!

Working with people who think beyond the business, renders inexplicable joy. With time, several students interned at Dr Milap’s spell-binding company. The program was such a massive success that their symbiotic relationship yielded profits, beating the lows that the pandemic brought. The pool of talent couldn’t ask for a better leader to commence their careers!

With a strong belief in his abilities and interpersonal relationship skill, Dr Milap steered forward, leaving all hurdles behind. Although he endorses the strategy of climbing “inch-by-inch” to reach final goals, he couldn’t apply this because of his habit of setting the bar too high. Dr Milap counts this specific trait of his, coupled with restlessness, as his two weaknesses, something that he has mastered now to control and manage the day to day proceedings of Knnamp in such a way that it doesn’t adversely affect the functioning and yet, the company adheres to the policy of ethical means of conducting business.

Sharing knowledge, trying unconventional ways, and developing new additives are the drivers for Dr Milap in his professional journey. “My passion decides my goals in life, and I set goals around my passion to make the journey enjoyable. I believe if it doesn’t interest, it’s not worth attempting for.” His thoughts create such an environment in his business that he gains wholehearted acceptance from employees and clients. “In my opinion, this is my biggest profit.”

For a man with a heart so big, every available accolade falls short of appreciating him. Dr Milap cherishes all his achievements, big or small. Obtaining the IADC accreditation, completing his Ph.D. while working, and writing books on Mud Engineering and “Cement slurry placement” are some of his achievements that make him proud. Dr. Milap’s latest experiment in writing on matters of social relevance has resulted into his third book getting published, only a month ago. Additionally, being the captain of the cricket team, a debater, a marathon runner, a charitable fund raiser for an NGO, launching his own music channel on YouTube and being secretary of science faculty at university during post-graduation studies and an amateur whistler are a few more of his noteworthy achievements/ hobbies.

Dr Milap Goud’s positivity is infectious as he lives with the motto to love and serve people. He is the quintessence of benevolence.

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