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Dr. Jackie Lau is an accomplished neuroscientist and an award-winning international life coach, one can also deem her as a strategic interventionist and a breakthrough specialist. She has a well-setup business in Sydney, Australia and is currently residing in Hong Kong since 2018, for a leading-edge Neuroscience project on Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Jackie Lau inspires and supports individuals to shift their philosophies, generate breakthroughs, establish profoundly interconnected relationships, and awaken their conscious and true Self by combining practical psychology, neuroscience, and spirituality. She is thought to be the mind’s ultimate genius. Dr. Jackie is devoted to neurodegenerative disease research at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology’s Molecular Neuroscience Laboratory and is currently a Scientific Officer at the Hong Kong Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases. On her coaching journey, Dr. Jackie has co-created with people all around the world to help them create greater self-awareness, purpose in life, and internal peace.

Jackie’s quests included uncovering the neural circuits central to conditioning and reinforcement, as an intrigued research scientist with extensive experience in neuroscience and biotechnology for the past 15 years. She’s always been fascinated by regulations in the brain regions and neural mechanisms that underpin emotional and behavioural patterns, such as what drives our sense of who we are, how we react and respond to situations, what compels anxiety, stress, sadness, and obsession, as well as specific focuses, like how our appetite and satiety is influenced in the lead-up to eating disorders. Her interests guide her to where she is now, unravelling the fundamental meanings of mental and emotional integrity.

Jackie is deeply dedicated to studying Eastern and Western philosophy and literature, absorbing transformative insights from eminent life strategists and spiritual gurus, and drawing on her wide cultural heritage. She is inspired to nurture a relationship to a deeper universe, one that sustains our divine heart rather than feeds our momentary dilemma of trends, one that funnels our fear of pain into an enduring pull to joy.

Along her path as a strategic interventionist and breakthrough expert, Dr. Jackie has been touched and amazed by the ground-breaking breakthroughs of innumerable co-creators who, despite all obstacles, vow to profoundly grow with and for their loved ones and humankind. She is a powerful catalyst for revelations, unlearning, and rediscovering, with the intention to inspire the letting go of the blocks we have built around our true nature and return to love. Her artistic adventure has never failed to lead her to unexpected places.

She is honoured to win the CREA Global Award and be acknowledged for her commitment to mental wellbeing as a strategic interventionist who thrives on developing successful modalities from other disciplines. Jackie has received many prestigious biomedical research fellowships and the Young Investigator Award as a scientist. She has a fondness for music, and dance. She has been an ardent hip-hop dancer and instructor since her early college years. She was trained as a classical violinist from a young age, and eventually found her passion for classical guitar.

Dr. Jackie Lau understands that integrating contemporary psychology, neuroscience, and spiritual approaches can help us shift our perceptions and attitudes, cultivate a tranquil reality while letting go of the constant need to specify concepts and ideas, and evolve into long-term virtuous changes. She also accentuates that sincerity is the most important factor in actualizing bliss and enjoying life to the fullest. When we live our genuine and authentic Self, we are connected to unconditional love, which harmonizes our thoughts, feelings and behaviours, gives heed to our souls, uncovers our passions, and permits knowingness in our hearts.

Jackie is intrigued by the gift of her own sense of resistance, providing more insight and cosmic comfort than all other imagined conveniences. She has genuinely inspired individuals from all stages of life to live their real ethical and virtuous selves rather than living on auto-pilot, in the zeal of her appreciation. It is not difficult to live by your convictions, but it can be challenging to think out of the box, to cultivate Self-awareness for mental, emotional and spiritual intelligence, she says.

“The journey of Self-realization,” Jackie writes, “is ultimately dedicated to strengthening our vertical dimension via inner attention that others may deem arcane, especially in an environment that favours critical and sceptical methods.” Confronting our barriers and illusions necessitates courage in ourselves and our surroundings, and evaluating and exploring our interactions with reality may feel unsettling, confusing, and isolated. This source of valuable suffering serves as a great teacher that reminds us to return to a state of flexibility, humility and keenness to life again and again. Recognition of the totality of life, acknowledging that seemingly unpleasant life situations are all part of a non-dualistic cosmic dance, part of who we are, is the foundation of all forms of true growth.

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