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This great woman, Shreesha Khare, can be described as a Writer, Philosopher, A Guide, Self-

Evolutionary Woman and Global speaker. Shreesha is a person who is eager, active, and dedicated to her profession. She shows up every single day as the person she wants to be. Her passion for personal development and desire to share wisdom with others purposefully fill her life. Shreesha is a driven woman who develops, produces, writes, and talks with the same curiosity as a cat when it comes to the topics she cares about. She believes in the concept of fluid perspective since there is no such thing as absolute reality. Change is inevitable for her, coupled with Love, which is the only truth in this Universe.

Shreesha is steadily expanding her kingdom and has made her first foray into entrepreneurship. She was born in India, a place rich in possibilities, and has also been a published author. Blending the heart and Soul is crucial, and it is for this cause that her debut novel, Along the Way – As You Unearth About Self-Love and Relationships, was written. It is impossible to fail when one pursues one’s passion. She is now working on her third book, as well as writing for Brainz Magazine as an Executive Contributor and a variety of other venues. She thinks there is no one clear route to her intention, and she is being called to walk on another purpose and vision she has for herself, beginning in 2022 as a timeframe and new strong foundation for her professional life by merging her desire for self-growth, creativity, and sharing personal experiences and Mentoring into a global brand and thriving as an entrepreneur- Chief Humanitarian Being at S&S Co-Space for Humanity. 

She is proud to claim that she is her own source of energy. This is her self-assurance, which she gained after overcoming several obstacles. People who broke her, who caused her anguish, fuel Shreesha to grow and advance herself and gives her a strong sense of who she is and where she is going. The purpose of a leader’s experience and knowledge is to commune people in accordance with divine timing, true self-expression, honesty, self-generosity, and global service. She feels that more Servant Leadership is the ultimate type of contribution since it involves greater duty and accountability for one’s own actions. She recommends getting in touch with your emotions, knowing them, and being able to regulate them. When life throws you fear, rage, or any other emotion, take it as an opportunity to grow. It’s asking you to look within. Regardless of what fear does, love triumphs.

She’s on a path of great influence by sharing people by being her true self and doing things in her own way and this is what she inspire, uplift and guide others to do the same.

Shreesha’s mantra is – ‘show yourself every day, more effortlessly life be’. Ambition never fails, and her love for curiosity to do new things was significant in bringing out the writer in her. Tasting every experience of life is what gets her going since it is the one thing in the world that we all live for. Shreesha has the ability to guide people and help them to discover on how to better themselves. You may have been thinking that it needs to look a certain way or that there is a certain next step to take, but you are not on a straight road to your goal of making a positive change in the world. She’s a soulful spirit who lives her life on her own terms. She’s turned up the volume on inspiration. Miss Khare has set out to ‘try all’ in life, to feel and explore all of life’s opportunities, and to share her knowledge and experiences with others to guard and serve them. Her life is all about trying new things and see what works and what doesn’t, as well as to figure out how to better things based on her observations.

Shreesha evolved as a human being and got more natural with each setback, error, and stumbling block. There is no such thing as mastery in life; what makes us skillful is the self-actualization of our everyday wants and ambitions. Curiosity and Exploration are her middle names. She says that when we understand what inspire us, we communicate with other people better. When we work for others, our needs are automatically been take care of.


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