Dr. Hemlata Mahawar

A Catalyst of Change through her Teachings

Dr Hemlata Mahawar is a Government Professor, Research Supervisor, Author, Social Worker, Global Speaker and Change Maker. Being a gold medalist from world’s leading women’s university Banasthali Vidhyapith, she has more than 14 years of experience as a teacher. For her teaching is the core of her life and that has become a catalyst for her achieving numerous national and international awards in teaching social work and inspiring millions.

Her remarkable career was acknowledged by the numerous awards that she has been bestowed with including ‘Most Inspiring Women of the Earth 2022’ by IIU GLOBAL, mentioned in the World Record of the Earth 2022 by  Golden Book of Earth, Youth Icon Of The Year 2022 from Asian-African Chamber of Commerce & Industry. She has graced academic bodies like the Centre of Tourism and Heritage Research, Rajasthan Sociological Association and Indian Sociological Society with her frequent and emphatic presentations.

Born to parents Shri Kanhaiya Lal Mahawar who worked in a bank and to mother Mrs. Vidhya Devi Mahawar a housemaker. Her family environment was disciplined which helped her stay focused and organized. Her happy childhood was spent in the company of her three loving brothers VIJAY, BHUPENDRA, JITENDRA and many relatives. After having her kids Manuj and Madhva, she had to manage both her personal and professional life seamlessly. Her strong willpower and courage made her stand out in the crowd.

Her mother taught her an important lesson that ‘tough times can be overcome and lost battles can be won’. She feels she gained more insight into life from her mother than from any books in the world. She studied in one of the finest educational institutions for girls in the world The Banasthali Vidhyapith due to her brother Vijay’s endeavours. She says “Any young person’s career is built on the four pillars that are an educational

Institution, teachers, parents and family. I was fortunate that the structure of my career is standing on all these sturdy pillars.”

She sought courage from her parents who always motivated her with their progressive attitude and far-sighted vision. They taught her valuable life lessons of dignity and simplicity along with the art of remaining calm no matter what hurdles there are. She reflects “I strongly believe that there is no shortcut to success but hard work and in the synthesis of spiritual values and scientific modes. If we bend our every atom of energy to achieve something with conviction natural forces automatically lend help to achieve it.”

Success wasn’t a cakewalk for her as she had many challenges which she overcame gracefully with her husband Dr. CL Mahawar being positive thinking, patient and making life partner’s needs top priority. In the patriarchal society women stepping outside to work wasn’t deemed with respect. She commenced her career in Chittorgarh which was a new place for her and being a female made the task even more testing. She learned to set effective and small goals that have made all the difference in her life.

She elucidates “My role as a teacher is to help all these students to achieve excellence in academics. My dream is to see myself in my best possible version which should be a never-ending journey. Life can be very interesting when you think like that.”

Since Dr Hemlata’s passion lies in teaching, she feels that she herself feels like a student since knowledge is an endless reservoir that can never be filled. She doesn’t let her curiosity die and every day she wakes up with the zeal to learn something new. Mahawar says “Going to temple on the pretext of regular morning walk, praying every morning is a part of my routine. It makes me strong in body as well as mind. It is a process of trying to connect with the Almighty along with becoming a good person. I always fought, determined to succeed.”

Learning has always been her fuel that keeps the fire burning and her mind always seeks new experiences that can make her more knowledgeable.

She remarks “Our mind is a cauldron of extremely creative faculty. In this fast-changing world, passion is simply non-negotiable.”

Dr Hemlata sums up her thoughts beautifully and states “When you do something that you always had dreamed of, you actually hold an obligation to share that with others. To minimize their struggles. I want to inspire people, the young generation to follow their dreams no matter what hurdles come. Today, when my students contact me and say I’ve made a difference in their lives through my teaching and inspiration, that feeling is so amazing that I literally cannot express that in words. It can only be felt.”

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