Dr. Alicia Carroll

A Stout Woman Entrepreneur and Global Magnate

Dr. Alicia Carroll serves as the President of Tech Innovation Global Incorporated and interfaces with professionals, other businesses, and career development assistance including the International Accreditation Commission and is also a liaison to many organisations to accomplish her company’s goals. Tech Innovation Global Incorporated and the International Accreditation Commission’s mission is to provide HR tech including subject matter experts with entry-level skills needed in the marketplace to connect business services and also connect business-level companies to communities. The company is a quadrant leader in the industry and are possessed with skills, knowledge and established products in accordance with the FAR. Alicia Carroll reiterates “You acquire the knowledge/skill/experience in various ways (experiential, on-the-job learning, coaching, action learning, training, reading etc.).” She is one of the most influential and inspiring persons to serve in her 22-year history and is known for breaking barriers; a certified Small Business owner/Minority Business for community service, improvements, charity and overall well-being.

Alicia’s Tech Innovation Global Incorporated has a global reach of 40 companies and plans to induct newer companies from distinct countries to join the Tech Innovation Global Incorporate Marketplace, a community which serves International Commission and the BBB in the U.S. each month. Their initiatives include science, tech, agriculture, health, HR, nutrition etc. Her company is in the development stages of a social media tool and on the lookout for funding as they have projections of over $200 million in revenue. Companies come in and join the website or app tool at an 11% fee with initiatives. Additionally, International Accreditation Commission and organisations offer skill gaps for training, hosting events and webinars, and featuring products for growth.

She feels her work ethic is unique due to work orders with small business socio-economic categories that include Indian owned concerns, native Hawaiian organisation-owned organisations etc. Alicia is committed to supporting customers’ needs through her capabilities for various sectors and her business accelerator program and technology solutions for innovation. Tech Innovation Global Incorporated is verified and certified for subcontracting WOSB. Alicia Carroll has proven herself in her career. She is known for being veracious, blunt and direct.

She believes that women-led startups are indeed more likely to be successful and generate successful products for all communities. Alicia exclaimed that they “ultimately deliver higher revenue — more than twice as much per dollar invested.” 

Women-led businesses are more likely to be focused on making a contribution to science, and society and building good relationships with employees. The past year’s events put a spotlight on inequalities in both society and business. Tech Innovation Global Incorporated is pioneered on 22 years of experience and is extraordinarily led by women. There are approximately 12% of decision-makers at venture capital firms who are women, and most firms do not have a single female partner, thus she believes that women’s careers and workplace equality need a great deal of attention.

Alicia is an enthralling personality led by her passion for improving the quality of life on earth and improving conditions for others whilst having slow and peaceful developments. She finds joy in collaborating with several inudstires and it allows her to identify experts for personal interests and identify their passion and career needs. She holds an interesting take on the rat race that people indulge in. She believes being a tiger helps in being competent and advancing better in life. With a family full of teachers she values the need for complete training as it enables a person to be competent and develop their character and relations. She rejoices and is grateful to the International Accreditation Commission for the opportunity to complete her doctorate in Engineering Management.

Alicia Carroll is a corporate magnate and knows well how to connect with others no matter where she goes. The Hall of Famer enjoys aligning her experience with India and several other countries. She takes inspiration from several other leaders in distinct countries who also serve the public well. She is a visionary with leadership traits to take her company to collaborate and seeks to subcontract and is also open to humble donations and sponsors through her website.

Inspired by science and the public, Alicia Sheree Carroll, is an American engineer, technologist and founder of Tech Innovation Global Incorporated: a company founded for community initiatives, COVID-19, analysis; recommendations and the environment’s biodiversity to connect science to earth and overall well-being. Alicia Carroll is a certified officer and award-winning technologist of 20 years accredited by the BBB.

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