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Dr. Hemamalini Lakshman, Mrs. India Universe Queen 2018, Besides being a devoted wife, caring mother, loving daughter, and a fun-loving friend she is a Philanthropic Altruist.

It was a glorious day for Mysore when the winner of the Mrs. India Universe pageant was announced in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The winner later onwards also won the titles of Mrs. Beautiful and Mrs. India South. The winner was Dr. Hemamalini Lakshman who, for the last twenty years has adopted Mysore as her own even though not being her birthplace.

She was born in Chennai and did most of her education from there, finishing her studies with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. Married young, she was around 20 years old when she tied the knot with Dr. K Lakshman – an eminent leading pathologist from Mysore. However, her affinity towards reaching higher levels of education kept her motivated and hence, she further pursued her education by attaining a Master’s degree from Mysore, which later culminated into a Doctorate in English literature.

Dr. Hemamalini’s outstanding achievements are a remarkable demonstration of her perseverance. Her Master’s and discipline towards her pursuits are beyond admiration and seldom we come across such illustrious individuals who give a completely new definition to the meaning of grit and never-give-up

In contrast to most of the beauty pageant winners, she has not let fame go to her head and thus she remains down – to – earth as a person and an altruistic individual.

And her altruism is demonstrated by her active involvement in the welfare of children. She conducts workshops for children on the importance of a green environment and also grooming classes for women and aspiring models free of cost. She is also actively involved in allocating her time to act as a judge for many pageants and fashion shows for married and unmarried women for which she does not levy any commercials and it is primarily on humanitarian ground. Apart from these activities, she runs her beautiful home and a very picturesque farm for organic farming, located on the outskirts of Mysore known as H.L Tranqvilla. Owing to her passion for horticulture, she has developed a unique concept called Arcadia, which houses a large species of rare fruit plants and trees, exotic flora & attractive bonsai, also a warren for rabbits. Dr. Hemamalini’s terrace garden has won many accolades for six consecutive years, the competition is organized annually by the Mysore Horticulture Department and State Government.

Further Dr. Hemamalini and her husband Dr. K Lakshman extend voluntary services to poverty-stricken and underprivileged patients who visit their pathology lab. No patient has ever been turned away if the patients do not have sufficient money to pay for the expenses. Dr Hemamalini and Dr. K Lakshman are true inspiration for next generation of doctors. This is such a rare sight, considering most medical professionals charging exorbitant prices for their services and barely contributing back to the society. Dr. Hemamalini and Dr. K Lakshman are true inspirations for the next generation of doctors to consider service before self.

Dr. Hemamalini quotes “Make your surroundings supportive of your endeavors. If you want to succeed in life never, give up on your dreams. Your goals and ambitions in life can enhance your life and that of those around you”

Dr. Hemamalini Lakshman also opines on women’s empowerment. “The empowered woman is powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description. She is clothed with perseverance and strength”.

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