Dr. Hari Natarajan


Dr. Hari Natarajan, Founder & Managing Director Pronto Consult, an expert in pharmaceutical management and consultancy, supply chain, a speaker and brand guru, shares his intriguing story.

Dedication & Passion are the two words that define the Founder of Pronto Consult. The dream to have
his own business came into reality through Pronto Consult, a start-up, spread across India, Nepal, and
UAE, providing a basket of solutions that makes companies more efficient to get a competitive advantage in the market.

An alumnus of Mumbai University as Bachelor of Chemical Engineering was the topper of the Batch in MBA – Marketing Management from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Institute of Management Science, Kolkata and is equipped with a Doctorate for Excellence in Field of Management from Young Scientists University, USA & Doctor of Letters in Pharma Management from UET, USA. He attributes his patience and ambition to succeed no matter how many difficulties you face to his father, Dr. Natarajan, as Managing Director with the Government of India. Susheela Natarajan, his mother has been the biggest source of encouragement and motivation for him right from his schooling days. Hari’s own family has been instrumental in boosting him to try out new things and to remain positive in all adverse situations, and push his entrepreneurial endeavors.

His life experience has been his main trainer as well as his inspiration; staying alone in the hostel during college days and traveling far & wide into unknown territories during his early career has given him the hardest lessons of life. Hari says, “I did multiple mistakes and learned from my failures & see it as an opportunity to improve and to improvise.” As a Founder, his life is full of experiments. Hari has learned that it is important to value time, be sincere and stand up to his ethics. Brand Establisher like in the case of AWACS, Problem Solver, Out of Box thinker, end to end business management & relation-building define Hari.

Hari is a result-oriented, customer-centric and highly qualified professional with a robust experience of 18+ years in the healthcare sector, and his main area of expertise lies in leading marketing operations, conducting extensive market research, providing innovative solutions, providing consultancy to develop potent Business Strategies, effecting process improvement and driving profitability. Hari started his career with USV Ltd as Brand Executive and moved on as Associate Director-Business Intelligence with
AIOCD AWACS in 2012. He has been associated with organizations like Abbott, Panacea Biotec, Tablets
India & IQVIA during his career. He loves to interact with students and has been a speaker in multiple
Healthcare Conferences. Hari is a passionate reader and his quotes related to the pharma industry have also been covered in leading print media.

To name a few of his biggest achievements to include building AWACS clientele to 120+ during his tenure, pioneering the first-ever Brand Awards in Marketing Excellence in Pharma, AMESA Award for Excellence in Innovation for SNA and Rising Star Award in IQVIA. His other achievements include being ranked topper in MBA-Marketing, securing 1st Prize in Brand Management workshop ‘Real Brands, Real Marketers, Real Solutions’, getting his Doctorates and being invited as a Speaker in various forums including IDMA, Management Colleges, and Pharmac South.

Upon enquiring about the turning point for growth in business/strategy? Dr. Hari expressed, ‘Our Innovative Projects, Partnerships and our spread across India, UAE & Nepal within a short span of time have been the turning point in our business. Our dedication to delivering projects on time with sharp insights & solutions that help the clients to take quick profitable decisions has been our growth strategy’.

Defining his passion, Dr. Hari shared – Starting my own business is my biggest passion. When the dream became a reality, I asked two questions to myself ‘What makes me get up in the morning with a smiling face & keeps me going?’ & ‘What are the things that give me the greatest sense of satisfaction & positivity?’ – The answer for both is Pronto Consult. Having my own business brings out new learnings and adventures every single day which leads me to explore contemporary things to achieve success. These are the things that bring out the passion in me.

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