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Tamara Beydoun (Tawil)

Somatic Trauma-Informed Functional Medicine Health Coach

I am fiercely committed to helping and empowering others through the process of behavioural change. I realize that change doesn’t have to be so hard. I believe each one of us has the capacity for change if they are well heard, supported, and understood through the process.

With my practical tools, step-by-step co-created action plans, non-judgemental space of active and compassionate listening, we will embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth allowing you to reach your optimal health. My combined certificates as a Functional Medicine Health Coach from FMCA and Somatic Trauma-Informed Coaching from The School of Embodied Trauma allow me to delve deeper into what obstacles may be coming in the way of behavioural change. Together, we will co-create plans that will move you closer to your optimal wellness and lifestyle vision.

As a Functional Medicine Health Coach, I work with my clients to find the root cause of their health and wellbeing challenges and then together we will build a personalised plan to improve any aspect of their Modifiable Lifestyle Factors. These range from nutrition, movement, stress management, sleep, to social connection, the environment (internal and external) and more.

As a Somatic Trauma-Informed Coach the question I ask my clients is: How can we minimize the potential fears that are holding you back while leveraging its maximum benefits? My role is to help you move past the obstacles that are stopping you from reaching your full potential and take a deep look into your inner beliefs. As a coach, I hope to cultivate your inner strengths and resilience so that you feel empowered.

Bringing both my expertise as a Functional Medicine Health Coach and a Trauma-Informed Coach we will embark on your most enriching journey. One that will teach you so much about yourself and develop deep self-compassion; you will be offered a variety of tools to overcome challenges that in the past have blocked you from thriving and flourishing into the human being that you are and have always been.

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