Anuj Shah

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Anuj believes in not taking a picture but in making it every single time he wields his camera, transforming it into a beautiful memory that one would cherish for a lifetime. A self-taught photographer, based out of Mumbai, India, Anuj specialises in fashion, glamour, portrait, boudoir and wildlife photography. Blessed with sharp observational skills and a creative bend of mind, Anuj believes in creating photographs that are profound and meaningful. He prefers his pictures do the talking rather than their captions.

As a fashion and amp portrait photographer, Anuj has shot multiple fashion campaigns with Bollywood celebrities, fashion editorial as well as various brands. His asset lies in his ability to understand the client’s brief well enough. His keen sense of listening allows him to imbibe his client’s ideas to the fullest and transform it into a satisfactory end result. As a team player, he warmly welcomes creative inputs from the clients as well as presenting his own ideas so that both can be assimilated to create the perfect symphony.

Boudoirs hold a special interest in Anuj’s heart. Creating the perfect intimate setting with the model and capturing her private moments aesthetically in her full glory is one of Anuj’s great skills. His signature style and easy shooting not just makes the model comfortable in her uninhibited moments but also leaves an indelible mark on the minds of the subject as well as his audience. He has worked with leading Indian and International models and modelling agencies.

Once every year, Anuj sets out on a jungle safari armed with his telephoto lenses to click the mysterious wild life. He has traversed the jungles of India and Africa, capturing wildlife moments in its most serene form. For him, taming the untamed using his lens presents the most arduous challenge that calls upon him to use his best of creative energies to capture that perfect candid frame.

His wide array of photography work has earned him praise and appreciation from all quarters. An expert at shooting in both natural and artificial lights, Anuj believes photographs are only meaningful when they talk to you. And that is what he endeavours to achieve with every single click.

Some of his best wild life photographs are presented here for the viewing of our esteemed readers.

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