Aniket Bhatt

Singing A Tale of Self Belief and Hardwork

With profound leadership skills and an aptitude for business, Aniket Bhatt is the wind behind three successful companies. His latest venture ‘Zondaro’ is a tech startup that benefits every person connected to the platform as it enables them to become leaders and grow. With a high community spirit, he says “Everyone should focus on community building because the leaders out there are thinking only for themselves. Every struggling person should take the initiative of lifting people who are worthy.”


Being raised in a business family from Gujarat, his mind was set to do business after completing his studies. He did a Business Management course at MSU and began his career as a Business Consultant in a bank. Having tremendous communication skills, he was able to create fruitful contacts with government personnel as some of them were already his clients who looked up to him for consultations. He felt that the government projects in India were not managed well, so he thought of it as an opportunity and co-founded ‘7Cloud Infotech’ which dealt with government projects. 


Along with his team, he managed to go exceedingly well with the projects and later founded one more company called ‘Shrey Infotech’ in a different city to further execute his plans for expansion. His interest grew in the IT sector as he saw its great potential and started gaining insight into the industry by working out with the latest technologies and he then founded ‘Zondaro’. Even with numerous challenges and hurdles, his journey has proved to be a success which has bought a learning experience for him in all aspects of life. 


Aniket divulges the idea behind his startup and shares that even though he wasn’t a very tech-savvy guy, he eventually gathered a good amount of knowledge in the IT industry. Initially, he preferred traditional or real-time shopping rather than online business, but he analysed the business model of Amazon and Flipkart and became aware of their huge perspectives. In the first lockdown, he studied how businesses like Amazon amassed a huge income with online sales and became the top-earning platform in the world.

He says “I founded Zondaro and made plans to attract the community by buying beneficial packages and by inviting vendors from different industries to my platform, I thought of something unique which is actually distinctive from any other platform i.e. I made a plan to distribute up to  90% of the income which Zondaro will earn from different vendors within the Zondaro Community itself.”


He acknowledges that this strategy will help the community earn some part of passive income if they use his platform as it gains benefits from the vendors. His far-sighted vision wants his idea to make the community walk shoulder to shoulder with his company. 


Aniket always wanted to be a successful businessman and that become his driving force and passion. Working in the banking sector with a limited salary in which he had to fulfil his needs, made him expand his vision to become a person running a big business/group of companies. He always wanted to uplift people who had a calibre but didn’t have any support and in turn lift the society where no talented person is left behind.


Some of the challenges that he has faced along the way were the issue of receiving timely payments from government projects. He accumulated a fair share of experience dealing with and handling big projects and he eventually developed more connections. Since he started from the ground up and has come a long way since then, he is grateful to his team who have supported him through thick and thin. He says “I do believe that hard work is the major key to success but there is a luck factor in everything. In my case my luck was people, my team, I am blessed with a very good team to work with.”


Aniket sees his parents as a major inspiration for him as they struggled in order to give him a better life and always cherished his great vision. They encouraged him to follow his dreams and are the reason for his success. He was always keen to work towards society and benefit the people who are connected with him or his companies. He points out “If I can benefit the community to step out and upgrade themselves, it will be my reward.”

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