Arlene Treisman

Blessed with innate conscientiousness, channeled into a leading business

As a young girl who has always been passionate and enticed by the idea of being a ballerina, Arlene has come a long way to establish herself and develop a brand which speaks volumes about who she is herself and what she looks out for in the day to day life. She has always been a believer in helping others and learns from her parents who have been role models for her, how staying organized, disciplined and caring for one’s own self is very essential. Keeping her home organized, buying fresh flowers, lighting candles, integrating daily customized exercise routines, eating a high nutrient diet, and practicing mental self-care through meditation are some very key things she has always paid heed to. Both her parents made self-care a daily ritual and she was quick to realize growing up how it was the little things in life that make one feel powerful.

Arlene began focusing on being the only consultant that integrates an individual self-care protocol (daily regimented exercise and a diet rich in nutrients) and natural beauty enhancements that make one feel good from the inside out. This has been her game-changing formula whilst she works with her clients to draw their vision board and customize a plan, collaborating with top surgeons and estheticians thus bringing out healthy glowing clients.

Arlene’s assiduous nature and diligence to her brand speaks for itself. Being involved in an auto accident in 2015 which totally wrecked her car and her spirit, she was taken aback and couldn’t garner enough strength to go out there and begin again. After undergoing five challenging and painful reconstructive surgeries, at the end of 2019, she was determined to develop her brand: The Beauty Concierge Intl, Accessorize Your World to be boldly unique and deliver optimal results. After closing a substantial amount of new business and recruiting a top aesthetician, Arlene exclaims she felt proud and excited to develop this concept on her own. She adds how life events can make an individual’s business journey challenging at times but hard work is really the key to success.

She describes herself as a person who has always been naturally obsessed and passionate to make her world both personally and professionally by integrating pure natural beauty. The incident involving her in a tragic car crash inspired her to use adversity to strengthen her own self. Arlene carves her path by collaborating with strong women who have been through diversity and built themselves up and finds motivation and inspiration from their lives as well. For her, it is seeing other women’s successes on all levels that drive her passion every day, and instigates her to work harder.

When asked, Arlene expressed how she possesses a tigerish attitude while emphasizing self-care being a protocol that needs to be followed diligently with consistency and structure. She doesn’t believe in indulging in the rat race as she considers it to be a tough and never-ending task. A true to her work woman who clearly makes sure to closely work with her clients and patients to determine what they actually require, Arlene, lays down the foundations for how an individual’s work culture, performance and ethics should be. She recalls each of her clients and drives inspiration by aiding them in achieving the best possible version of themselves in terms of natural beauty and a healthy and robust lifestyle. Helping women each day on their path of life is what Arlene is determined for. She also re-affirms that collaborating with other driven women in the business excites her as she looks forward to claiming new and unprecedented heights in her career.

A perfect version of herself as she can be described, she also looks out for her family and is an incredibly proud mother of two wonderful kids who she believes have well developed into smart, driven and kind-hearted souls. Meanwhile, she was also featured by Disruptors Magazine under Top 30 inspiring women to look out for in 2021. 

Lastly, she parts away by sharing her wisdom regarding leadership and a good leader’s qualities. For her, “a leader is someone who has the tenacity to stand up for what they believe in – to fight for what they want and not give up when they hit challenging hurdles. A leader should inspire others to build up the leader in them – to show a sense of optimism and teach them the skills needed to be a leader.” Women like Arlene draw up inspiration for other working women and she is truly a leader and a gem for those who look up to people like her.

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