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Advice from Expert Matchmaker

I have been a matchmaker and partner of Elite Connections International for the past 23 years. We are a family-owned agency that has helped many professionals meet each other for the last 27 years. We meet, screen, interview, and background search all our clients. We make the best possible matches by getting to know our clients and making compatible matches based on personality, likeminded compatibility, and preferences.

Some advice I give my clients are don’t be desperate to find “the one”. People smell desperation and it’s a huge turnoff. Go out there, enjoy yourself and make new friends. They might not be the one you end up with, but you can enjoy their company and make a new friend. I have had a lot of clients meet someone through a friend or at an event they were invited too through your newfound connection.

Be openminded. Don’t be closed off to age, type of person you have pictured in your head, where they live and super specific preferences. The more openminded you are the more possibilities that will come across your lap.

Be positive, upbeat, and friendly. Be optimistic, outgoing, and friendly. Don’t talk about drama, what a bummer your life is and political rants. Talk about positive upbeat things in your life. Your passions, interests and find common ground on things that are mutually compatible between the two of you. True connection comes from commonality between two people. That is what you strive to find when meeting new potential matches.

Don’t play games. If you like someone tell them, there’s no time for games. Ask them out biweekly, text and communicate on a regular basis. Truly let them know you want to spend time with them and if you don’t cut the cord and let them know.

Communication is so important. Letting someone know what you want and need from them is so very important. No one can read our minds, so don’t make them. In all relationships in our lives, you need to let someone know how you feel and what you need from them. Also keep your expectations in check. No one is perfect so make sure you’re not reaching for the stars in what you expect someone to be like. We need to meet in the middle, be understanding and learn how to speak and listen to the people closest to us that we want to keep in our life.

Time is precious and if you are serious about finding someone to be a partner in your life then there is no time like the present. Get out in your community, make new friends, connections, pick up a new hobby. Reach out to a company like ours because you never know unless you try. Sending love, health, and happiness.

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