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Susie founded Tropic Skincare when she was only 15 years old. In order to help her mother with the bills, Susie decided to sell her homemade body scrub on a stall in Greenwich market and on her first day in business she earned nearly £1,000.

Tropic Skincare officially launched in 2011 and is now one of the fastest-growing firms in the U.K. In 2018 the company made more than three million products and brought in £40 million in revenue. All Tropic’s skincare products are made in the UK and are vegan, cruelty-free and made from 100% naturally derived ingredients. Susie’s grandmother, a medicinal chemist and toxicologist, always taught her that our skin needs feeding with healthy, nourishing and, most importantly, natural ingredients.

Inspired by her grandmother and the time she spent growing up in Tropical North Queensland, Australia Susie says:

“I was surrounded by an abundance of natural ingredients, including fresh aloe vera plants and exotic fruit trees. As such, the environment I grew up in has had a huge effect on the products we create at Tropic.”

Seven Susie Ma Secrets of Wellbeing:

1. I approach my skincare routine the same way I do my diet.

When it comes to what I eat, I try to be as health-conscious as possible, nourishing my body with food that will make me feel good. For example, I start every day with a glass of lemon and green tea in warm water to boost my hydration levels and general wellness. Our skincare routines should do just the same for our skin! I imagine every product I use on my skin as a vitamin-rich, health-boosting supplement, and ensure that I have a varied, balanced mix of skincare products in my daily and weekly routines.

2. I have a #SelfCareSunday as often as I can.

Pampering myself or even taking a little extra time on my cleansing routine is my personal form of meditation. As I exfoliate my skin, I imagine I’m washing away any negativity I’ve encountered during the day, whether that’s a difficult conversation or a challenging person who’s upset my energy. As I apply my serums and oils, I imagine every nourishing vitamin and ingredient as if it’s dancing into my skin, putting back goodness and positivity. Trust me, it works!

3. I fill my life with laughter.

Whether it’s re-watching my favourite episode of Friends for the 50th time, going to a comedy night or surrounding myself with really funny people, the act of laughing instantly lifts my mood and boosts my general sense of wellbeing.

4. I dance like no one’s watching.

To be honest, I’m a terrible dancer. But guess what? It doesn’t matter. I don’t let that stop me from moving my body in a free, unrestricted way that is great for my physical and mental health. My favourite time to dance is while I’m cooking; I’ll put on 60s music or R&B and just let my body move. It reminds me how lucky I am to be free.

5. I curate a social feed that inspires me.

I love social media but I also know how easy it is for the constant stream of images of beautiful, successful people to get you feeling you’re not good enough. To combat those unhelpful feelings, I have a rule to only follow accounts that leave me feeling inspired. For me, that means lots of incredible destination accounts. They show me parts of the world I want to visit some day, motivating me to keep working hard so I can get there and to do my part to look after the planet and preserve these amazing places.

6. I surround myself with inspirational people.

Motivational speaker Jim Rohn once said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” There’s so much we can learn from others, so I try to always surround myself with people who will elevate me to become a better leader. I attend networking functions, entrepreneurial events and participate in charity causes like the Virgin Strive Challenge, all of which bring me into the company of inspiring, successful people who are working to do good in the world of business and beyond. Spending time with people like that boosts my mood and self-confidence, spurring me on in my own personal journey.

7. I work on building my confidence every day.

When we step outside our comfort zones, even in the smallest ways, we expand what we’re capable of doing. Whether it’s trying to learn a new language or skill, or educate myself on something, I take small daily steps to push myself beyond what’s required of me in my job or personal life, soaking up new knowledge and information as a way of boosting my self-confidence in a manageable way. Taking these confidence-building steps on a regular basis helps me to see that I am capable of more than I know, so that next time I face a challenge or am pushed outside my comfort zone, I’m even better equipped to overcome it.

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