Rigvedita Mahurkar Deo

The Lady with an exuberant spirit and instinctive knowledge

Meticulous, Courageous and Passionate are the main skills to describe Rigvedita, who has always been a part of his father’s story towards a book writing journey. Since 5th grade, she knew almost everything about the Siddi community of Africa which is largely found in Balasinor Gujarat. Her passion for exploring nature and learning from experiences has brought her today where she always wanted to be. Rigvedita always believed in starting of her own where she independently learn and create her own individual identity. “True perfection is a bold quest to seek and with the willingness to learn, you can excel even the greatest height,” says Rigvedita.

“I had visited a restaurant called Pleasure Trove. I was highly impressed by the concept and interior of the place. Since then I had imagined self-owning such a place.” And at the time it happened automatically when her mother brought a vision to share their native cuisine with the world. Immersed with the manifestation, she worked hard and finally infused Maratha cuisine taste into the world of barbeque gifting something new and exotic. However, challenges have always been a part of her journey.

Rigvedita lacked technical knowledge and while starting her own office, she herself first worked as a trainee to grasp the concepts and understand the high lows of the business. “Thankfully, this decision of mine turned out to be a blessing in further expanding it. In no time, I was a Pro in handling and managing things”, asserted Rigvedita.

Another challenge was having this powerful CUENDER that used to threaten the man around for a whim. “This made me feel odd sometimes because I belong to a warrior Maratha clan where we had female fighters as our ancestors”. But, one thing was very clear that none could stop her from exceeding her limits and becoming the one she wanted to. She is the lady of confidence and determination who always puts in efforts to make her business work no matter what could be the circumstances. “Also my so many weaknesses have been my best teachers. They taught me to fight the odds and this is how I became a part of experiential learning.” Since childhood, she had been an organizer, the prime perfect child of the house, and a quick decision-maker, and that was the Secret Mantra for Rigvedita.

With her calm and personalized attitude, she had inspired her subordinates and helped them at every point in time and all together, it benefitted her in expanding the catering business. “My contractors who used to take care of my Govt. Orders, I had lots of goodwill amongst them. Those being from rural areas were pleased to be treated so well”. Rigvedita is truly a wonder woman who isn’t thwarted by her defeats and kept going with full of dedication and perseverance.

“It’s very important to treat your subordinates well & understand them in order to grow in life”. When an experienced woman speaks, she has a bookful of wisdom to share and the same is with Rigvedita, who has learned a lot from her failures and now her business soar as a result. “My one of the very big achievements was to win the Times food award for my restaurant in 2016 since I had been trying since 2014 but could not do so”. She kept on working harder during the time tested hours and finally brought victory to her self-started business. Another achievement was the completion of IIM course because it was a hardcore finance management course.

“Perfection is my passion It’s everything I care about finesse. My passion for perfection is the reason required to survive in our industry. In my life these words of my passion have made me what I am”, affirms Rigvedita.

Being from a noble background and going in a big royal family of Jharkhand through the alliance of Marriage is also one of the perks. “My husband has been my true strength in such a short span of time. I could not thank god enough for giving me this beautiful family that admires me and promotes me for my finesse nature. I am my mother’s daughter in this habit”, says Rigvedita. She has a lot of personal support to pull off barricade and fuels optimism to drive her towards the goal in life.

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