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Mr. Craig Shah & Shelly, are the celebrity designers of California, popular for their fine jewellery and custom made watches, philanthropy and as a couple with a heart of gold.

Craig Shah is a renowned celebrity designer of fine jewellery & swiss watches. He is sought after for his unique fashionable and creative concepts. Craig’s designs are highly crafted and bespoke. His clientele
includes people who have an eye for luxury, style and a compassionate heart.

Craig’s greatest passion is to use his creative talent and give back. He has dedicated agreat portion of his success for the benefit of children and soldiers. He Partners with many prestigious organizations around the world. Some of his official time partners are Cricket All-Stars, Beverly Hills Police, IIFA and Shriners Hospital for Children.

Craig is also sitson the board of multiple high-end luxury real estate and investment companies along with masterminds and event companies like ‘Kiss the Monkeys’. He also proudly supports a soldier’s journey home, along comes hope and AkshayaPatra.

The Craig Shelly Difference

The journey of Craig Shelly spans three decades filled with passion and enthusiasm to cultivate aesthetically stunning timepieces, crafted by the imagination and tenacity of two high school sweethearts. They set out to express the joy of love in a physical manifestations — Jewellery & watches.
Conceptualized in 1989 and Established in 1999, CRAIG SHELLY BEVERLY HILLS Brand was created with the most powerful emotions of all LOVE! Craig and Shelly, are a real-life couple, they met in
high school and fell in love some three decades ago. Their compassionate heart always wanted to spread the love around the world and give back to the communities in need. Beginning with very humble start, they designed a few engagement rings and watches, which now, has become a global brand with a factory in Switzerland and offices in eight countries and distributed over 30 countries around the world.

The entrepreneurial couple are truly loved and admired for their great passion and creative talent to give back to the society. They have dedicated a great portion of their success for the benefit of children and
soldiersaround the world. Craig Shelly partners up with many prestigious organizations as official time partners for the PGA tournament, Cricket All Stars, IPL Gujarat Lions, Beverly Hills Police, IIFA, Shriners Hospitals for Children Transamerica and Revolution Financials, Powerteam International, C-Suite Network and upcoming Harvard vs Yale Rivalry On Ice tournament in January 2020 and many

Purpose before Profit

There exists a unique opportunity to think about; children, soldiers, communities in need and find a purpose before humanity puts blinders on and focuses only on profit. The world needs unity through partnerships and philanthropy, and that’s exactly what Craig Shelly has accomplished through the years and are expanding upon with the release of their Hope Collection. The Hope Collection under their brand consists of, ‘El Capitan’- the watch gifted to Colin, Hope, Faith, Love, Cherish, & Empower.

Craig & Shelly live by their motto: “Think about others before yourself. Help children, soldiers, communities in need. Help as little as you can or as much as you can. When Purpose is before Profit, the Universe gives you manifolds’’.

With every timepiece purchased, the investment goes towards feeding and educating one child for one
year. These Swiss-made timepieces function to “make time to give back.”

Craig Shelly Beverly Hills brandwas recently Honored by Stardust Media and Society Magazine as a
Philanthropic brand that cares for children around the world. Craig Shah, Global CEO at Craig Shelly was Awarded with a GLOBAL ICON CITIZEN AWARD alongside many accomplished business tycoons and celebrity duo Shabana Azmi and Javed Akhtar, With An Amalgamation of Style and Humanity.

2019 is a landmark year for Craig Shelly featuring the release of their brand new, limited edition, Hope
& Legacy Collections. Together, Craig Shelly has honored Ashton Kutcher, Mario Lopez, Colleen Farrell,
Snoop Dog and many other Hollywood celebrities, along with celebrities from the IIFA clan, with unique timepieces, actively expanding their philanthropic movement.

CSBH supports several charities around the globe, beginning right here at home. These charities are hand-selected and are vetted to make sure the benefits of our efforts are passed on to the right beneficiaries. Shriners Hospitals For Children, Along Comes Hope (children fighting cancer), Storm Aid (for communities affected by natural disasters), and Akshaya Patra (ending hunger and poverty thru mid-deal meal program and educating children) and A Soldiers Journey Home ASJH (where Veterans in dire need are helped by individuals around the country to build a house-ground up in 9 days). At CSBH, their goal is to constantly thrive to find charities that help communities and people in dire need.

“Our goal is to raise awareness and support for some of the most underprivileged children and provide them with the right to access education and healthy, nutritious meals.”

Here are a few excerpts of the interview with Craig:

PV: We asked Mr. Craig, that what does ‘The Hope Collection’ mean to him?

Craig : ‘HOPE’ is such a Simple, Pure, yet a Powerful word. It has the power to change anything and anyone. It can transform adversities into possibilities. Giving the gift of HOPE to someone is elevating their spirits and giving them a chance to make a difference in their lives and that of others around them. And that is what our collection portrays in design, genuineness and giving back to society.

PV: What has been your greatest failure? And what did you learn from it?

Craig: Failure to believe in myself early on in life

PV: God – What role does God play in your life & leadership?

Craig: God plays a very vital role in my life. He instils faith and belief in and helps me sail and weather the storms.

PV: Can you please tell to us about “Execution?” What do you do to insure that your Strategic Plans actually become reality?

Craig: Work hard every single day! Show up! Take excuses out of your life and stay focused on your goals. You may have to make short term sacrifices but as long as your long term goals are in focus, you will be a winner. Don’t be scared to sacrifice for great cause.

PV: Family – What do you do to keep your family Priority #1? With the busy schedule you keep.

Craig: Family is the most important and valuable circle of your life. You ensure spending quality time
with them and make them feel loved. Spending time with my mother, watching television shows that she
loves is the best part of my daily schedule.

PV: What are the keys to developing the next generation of leaders in your world?

Craig: I believe, strong Leadership comes with great mentor ship, experience and accountability. If one  an provide good mentor ship, ample opportunities and follow up with accountability, new leaders will be born every day.


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