Mazen Fekry

A True Custodian of Zeal and Charisma

A scion in the marketing industry, Mazen Fekry is an Award-Winning Mentor, Advisor, Keynote Speaker, Master Trainer, Marketing Guru, Go to Market Expert, Husband and a proud Father. He has a long trail of awards in his decorated portfolio including the Outstanding Leadership Award by Marketing 2.0 Conference, more than 20 awards for his organisation, Inetwork Middle East, and was even selected as top 10 in Egypt and top 100 worldwide.

Having been in the marketing industry for over 15 years, Mazen has acquired the necessary acumen, which propelled him to start the INETWORK Middle East Agency. He has worked for many multinational companies, including Allianz Egypt, Crédit Agricole, British American Tobacco, Jazzercise Egypt, The Little Gym Egypt, and KidZania Egypt.

In 2012, he commenced a small startup specialising in Web Development and Social Media Management with 3 other partners, which, after 6 years, decided to part ways. He sold his shares and started his successful venture. He says, “We are an empire dominating the market now with a group consisting of 4 subsidiary companies specialized in Marketing / HR solutions / Web solutions and PR.”

For Mazen, challenges are an excellent opportunity to grow and to display the resilience that makes a person even stronger than before. His journey wasn’t devoid of any challenges and has gracefully overcome any obstacles since his motive has always been to strive for more. He remarks “The fact is, business challenges produce resistance, which develops inner fortitude just like you must apply a bit of resistance to your muscles while working out and building physical strength.”

He recalls the onset of his passion journey when he attended his first ever workshop in the early years of his college, which was named Going Local. The workshop reiterated how to localise an international business idea and make it happen locally. This, for him, was the eureka moment when he recognised his passion for marketing and business. 

“In my point of view, every success story or campaign my team and I publish is a true recognition and a driver to strive for more, and if I have to materialize it into an award or recognition then I would choose my latest award. I am extremely proud and happy to be chosen from Top Marketing and Advertising Leaders Worldwide to receive the Outstanding Leadership Award by Marketing 2.0 Conference that took place last March in Dubai, UAE,” he says.

Mazen has the perfect response to the question of believing in being in the rat race or being a tiger. He says, “I guess having a bit of both, drives make you the market monster, having the rat’s endurance and tiger’s strength is what you need to dominate the market. Start big – believe big and finally achieve big.”

He demonstrates true leadership skills and believes that maintaining balance can be the biggest challenge in his industry, and because of that, he tries his best to strike a cordial equilibrium between work and family. During his experience years, he learned the trick of making the workplace as friendly and fun as possible, which prompts everyone to be enthusiastic about the day and work with all its challenges and obstacles. He says “My team is my tribe i.e., my second family, and this keeps us all motivated and eager to achieve more every day.”

When explaining the meaning of success in his life, he says that it comes in many shapes and forms and each leader defines it uniquely. He always felt that its perception and definition were not stagnant and changed in every part of life. According to him, success can be thriving in different avenues in life even if one does not achieve big results. He remarks, “Success is learning something new every day and understanding that losing a few battles can lead to winning the war. Loving and being loved back and having a home/work balance can also be considered a success. The understanding that you control your destiny, taking responsibility for your actions and their consequences, will finally lead to you becoming more successful.”

Mazen’s gregarious personality and veracious persona truly make him a global icon who is redefining his industry through his innate ability to be diligent.

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