Mandeep Arora

An Inspiring Leader With A Vision For Dynamic Triumph

With his unbridled passion for innovative hardware products, Mandeep Arora is reimagining lives with UBON. Mandeep Arora started out UBON with a small shop in Delhi, and today his business is present in over 3000 cities across India. Mandeep’s success can be attributed to two things – his goal-oriented mindset, and his dedication to hard work. He has never been afraid to think big, and he has always strived to achieve his goals. This determination has helped him build a successful business empire. Mandeep’s story is one of hard work and determination. He has always believed in setting high goals for himself and then working tirelessly to achieve them. This mindset has helped him grow his business from scratch into a thriving enterprise.

Mandeep Arora was born into a family of traders. His father has been in the business of selling mobile accessories such as earphones and headphones for walkmans in one of Delhi’s oldest and biggest markets since the early 1990s. When Mandeep joined the business in 1998, he quickly realized that there were a lot of gaps in the electronics industry. The quality of electronic products available to consumers was low when compared to the prices at which they were being sold. With his father’s help, Mandeep gained extensive knowledge and experience in the inner workings of this industry.

Mandeep has always been a go-getter. From a young age, he was determined to make the most of life and avoided getting stuck in the rat race. He believes in being a tiger – someone who is proactive and takes control of their life. He believes that challenges are opportunities, and he has always strived to be clear with his objectives and expectations. Mandeep knows that it’s not easy to be a tiger; you have to work hard and think big. But he also knows that it’s worth it, because tigers are the ones who get ahead in life. He has always tried to be the first mover, seizing opportunities as they arise and turning challenges into opportunities. Clear objectives and expectations are essential for Mandeep; he wants to make sure that everyone is involved.

The toughest time for UBON was demonetization. Mandeep and his team had to quickly adapt to the “new normal” and find new ways to do business. This proved to be difficult, but they managed to pick up the slack and continue growing their company. Then came pandemic Covid 19 which threw another curveball into their lives. Business operations were disrupted and people were forced to stay at home. However, UBON was quick to adapt and found new ways to overcome this hard phase. 

Intriguingly, Mandeep is on a mission. As he sees it, India has become far too reliant on imported electronic goods, and this is something that needs to change. He has set his sights on creating a country where people only buy products that are made in India. This may seem like a daunting task, but Mandeep is confident that it can be done. With the help of his ‘Make in India’ initiative, he hopes to create jobs and bring pride back to India.

As Mandeep looks back over the past 100 years, he is filled with inspiration. He recalls the great Indian companies that have led the way in innovation and ethical business practices. He knows that his company needs to emulate these businesses to achieve the impossible. Mandeep and his team set a goal to export their products to 10 different countries within the next 3 or 4 years. They are confident that their high-quality, people-centric products will be well-received by consumers all over the world. Thanks to their dedication and hard work, they are well on their way to reaching this goal!

Mandeep is a name that is synonymous with success. This young entrepreneur has achieved more in his professional and personal life than most people do in a lifetime. From the Mobility Special Award – 2019 to the Economic Times – Promising Brands – 2019, Device Next Award 2020 to Mobility India’s Pioneer & Game Changer Award 2020, Mandeep has received a lot of accolades and awards for his achievements. He is not just another businessman who started from scratch and made it big. He is also a family man who puts his loved ones first. 

Mandeep Arora as a final thought blessed our audience with some really great insights, Mandeep says, “If there is one country to watch for in the next 5 years, place your bets on India as something big is going to happen and it’s because of our fellow Indians, one of the most hard-working nationals. They are going to run the extra mile.”

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