Jenielyn Padernal

Brimming with Radiance, Confidence and Diligence

Walking tall with confidence, Jenielyn Padernal shines the brightest in any room she enters due to her enigmatic personality. Her passion for teaching resonates in her presentations, speeches and training. She possesses an applaudable skill of communicating with people from anywhere in the world with such ease that they gravitate towards her persona. Standing at a height of 4 ft 11 inches she is an undeniable force that sweeps people off their feet and says “We should be comfortable in our skin; believe in our skills and abilities. Be confident but don’t forget to keep your feet on the ground.”

Jenielyn started her journey as an office assistant at a university for 11 years after which she got her master’s and took a huge risk by switching her career as a teacher in the same department and university. But this meant losing all her benefits as a tenured non-teaching staff. This made her decision all the more difficult since failure as a teacher will make her lose both jobs. But with firm determination and willpower, she took a leap of faith and became a full-time tenured university instructor three years later, spending 20 years at the university.

She gained an opportunity from CYPHER LEARNING and she stepped out of her comfort zone and started her new journey. She was entrusted to put up Edtech Centres Globally and with her unwavering hard work the company has successfully set up Edtech Centres in different parts of the world. She even established two additional departments: The CYPHER LEARNING Academy Division (CLAD) and Digital Asset Research Team (D.A.R.T) with the support of her CEO and VP of Sales. 

CYPHER LEARNING is a highly awarded international e-learning company that provides Intelligent Learning Platform (ILP) solutions to schools, universities, business organizations, and individual entrepreneurs. It is the only company offering an ILP in all major e-learning sectors: academic, corporate, and individual entrepreneurs. Over 20,000 organizations use their platforms, with millions of satisfied users who get knowledge in more than 40+ languages.

She has been bestowed with many awards and accolades throughout her career including: Sheroes Most Empowering Women of 2022, Global Learn Awards, Award of Excellence in eLearning, 2018, Microsoft Innovative Educator Fellow (Worldwide), 2017 – present, Microsoft Global Training Partner (Worldwide), 2017 – present, Microsoft Education Ambassador (Philippines), 2013 – present. 

Regarding her passion she says, “I am very passionate about teaching, education, and technology. Knowing I can empower people, especially women and children, through education and technology drives me to do more. My passion fuels me to share with others what I have learned and what has been shared with me by many people – teach-it-forward is the principle. Many people and organizations have helped me along the way and opened doors and windows of opportunity to grow, personally and professionally..

This educator, speaker, coach and blogger has spoken at many events, seminars and conferences around the globe and has made the world her oyster. Jenielyn’s goal is to empower more and more people through the medium of education. She feels that every child should have access to education that will aid in transforming their lives. An advocate of Disaster-Proof Education and one day wishes to see a fully Disaster-Proof Education Globally. 

For her leading by caring is leadership and she feels taking care of people and not just treating them merely as workers, subordinates or reports is very crucial. There is a need to make them feel that the leader cares for them and has their best interest in their mind. “Find time to connect with them beyond asking about task accomplishment. Get to know them, how they feel, celebrate, and praise their achievement no matter how big or small. My mantra as a leader is 3Es, Educate, Empower, Elevate.” highlights Jenielyn. 

Her mantra for success is “In this life, we need the patience to grow, work hard to make things happen, keep going when things get tough and be brave enough to take the risk and live without the thoughts of what-ifs and what could have been had I tried. To be successful and achieve our goals, we must be brave, be a go-getter, have patience, work hard and persevere. I would not say I don’t believe in luck, but I believe strongly in hard work to achieve one’s goal.”

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