Georgina Halabi

Marrying Performance with Wellbeing

As a leading Professional Certified Coach, what sets the captivating Georgina Halabi apart is that she helps one balance the two most imperative fundamental needs;  outer success and inner peace. 

Based in Warwickshire in the United Kingdom, Georgina has over 25 years of senior business roles, and a lifetime of experience in meditation and self-discovery, which has taken her on a journey to embrace both her commercial and spiritual sides.

“I’m a lifelong meditator and have studied the foundations of Buddhism up to the level of novice monk. Goal visualization, manifestation and NLP are tools I have always used professionally and personally.

Today, I bring my life learnings together to help professionals step into peak performance AND wellbeing (not one at the expense of the other),” she elaborates.

When the pandemic hit, Georgina knew she wanted to be serving not selling. She quit her corporate job, throwing away her regular paycheck in a time of uncertainty, and threw herself head-first into growing her coaching business. She hired a coach, used her sales and marketing know-how, and set about establishing her practice in three ways:

  • Mindset – if we believe we can or can’t – we’re right. Mindset is a choice.
  • A strong vision purpose – visualising this trains our subconscious awareness to show us opportunities that we otherwise would have missed. This is how manifesting works!
  • Doing the work – I’d rather work effectively, than work hard. One thing I always ask myself is – what could I do with half the effort that would bring me 10 times the results? 

Georgina followed this success mantra to comfortably achieve her 6-figure target in the first year. Today, she helps successful, highly aware individuals looking to accelerate their professional success in sync with their wellbeing and self-care needs. 

Sought after around the globe, she works with individual clients, conducts group coaching and does corporate workshops to maximise her reach and impact.

“It’s about creating transformational impact for others, and making an emotional difference in their lives,” she adds. 

Georgina is also a certified Positive Intelligence Coach focusing on mental fitness. This combines the best of cognitive behavioral therapy, neuroscience, sports science and positive psychology, with cutting edge research. It’s all about strengthening the part of our brain that serves us and silencing the part that sabotages us. 

In short, she helps clients to quieten their minds and tap into their wisdom within. “So much time, energy and joy are sucked up by the noisy part of our brain that sabotages us. When we quieten this, we release the part of our brain that is resourceful, creative, curious and whole. We handle life’s challenges more positively and constructively, minus all the stress. And in doing so, we build our self-connection, confidence and trust. Anyone can learn how to do this, should they want to be the best version of themselves,” she says.

This is how Georgina herself learned to excel. But while her professional achievements are many, what she considers her biggest personal achievement is where she’s applied her own learnings in her life, to deepen the connection with herself and others. This includes hypno-birthing her 2 daughters and caring for grandmother in her final months..

Professionally, she has been published five times (from market reports for the UN/World Trade Centre to ethnographic research books for clients including Nike, Estee Lauder and Gillette). 

With a plethora of global testimonials, she tells us how her clients are her greatest inspiration. “It’s incredibly fulfilling to see how coaching transforms their lives, personally and professionally. My ongoing goal (and reality) is having both time for myself and my family, and working with clients with their own transformation that they want to share it with anyone who will listen!.”

A born leader, Georgina’s coaching programs are Positive Intelligence program is considered one of the best in the field. “Good leadership comes from mental fitness. I send leaders on the Positive Intelligence program to strengthen the three muscles needed for mental fitness. The results show up as new neural pathways in MRI imaging within eight weeks of practice. The program is getting amazing results for CEOs and their teams across fifty countries. It adds even more impact to our coaching,” shares Georgina.

Leaving us with a final message, she shares: “We don’t need to acquire anything new to be the best version of ourselves. Instead, it’s about letting go of our internal narratives, our limiting beliefs, and conditioning. You have everything you need within you!”

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