Dr Ankita Singh

A Woman of Vision and Wisdom

Julie Bevacqua said it right – “In order to build a rewarding employee experience, you need to understand what matters most to your people.” Dr. Ankita Singh follows a similar ideology in driving the values of the organization and refining the workplace environment. She believes in expanding the organization through PEOPLE and not only through the PROCESS.

“Every good conversation starts with listening and as a dedicated HR professional. I sympathetically and proactively lend ears to the employee and personally respond to their complaints and suggestions,” asserted Dr. Ankita Singh, Senior Vice President and Global Head of HR, who also executes other enabling functions at CIGNEX Datamatics.

Dr. Ankita Singh has over twenty one years of progressive experience in managing and leading various aspects of human resources spanning across high paced business domains of ITES. In addition to performing all functions of HR, she oversees the administration, travel, and resource management departments. “Just as is the case in any other professional area, it has a certain margin of error involved. Balancing the situation and redressing the grievances at the right time wins the game,” says Dr. Ankita Singh. She often runs into challenging scenarios, and with an agile perspective, efficiently responds to the changing employee expectations, workplace disruptions, and business requirements.

A strong talent mobility strategy is essentially required to continually expand the employee’s skills and experiences. Additionally, helping them move fluidly throughout the organization while aligning their career growth, passions, and skills with the objectives of the organization is also essential. She masters the art of strategically improving the culture of continual learning to maintain a growth mindset for driving exponential results to all the stakeholders of the organization.

Dr. Ankita holds a Ph.D. in management and is a gold medallist in BBA as well as in MBA. She has completed HR and Business Strategy related executive management programs from IIM-A, ISB-Hyderabad, and XLRI. She is a certified PPA (Thomas Profiling) practitioner. Excelling and outshining in establishing the competitive and innovative initiatives at CIGNEX Datamatics, Dr. Ankita Singh has scaled the firm exponentially, which has resulted in the company being certified as a “Great Place to Work 2017-18, 2018-19, 2019-20 & 2020-21.”

“Train people well enough so that they confidently leave the organization, but treat them so well that they don’t have to do it,” rightly applies to the ideology of Dr. Ankita Singh, Ex-Head – Employee Relations, OD & Fun @ Work. She has a long span of experience in HR Management, and that transformed her vision towards helping in driving productivity and long-term business success.

“Empathy is a precursor to trust. It serves as a key door to increase engagement, collaboration, and productivity,” says Dr. Ankita Singh, who was working at Sahara India as HR Manager (Employee Relations). Her expertise includes transformational change management and M&A initiatives. She has extensively worked in all facets of HR with a special interest in the field of leadership development, organizational behaviour, culture building, and employee engagement.

Apart from her professional excellence, Dr. Ankita is a woman of society who actively partakes in addressing and supporting the social causes. She works closely with various NGOs’ dedicated towards uplifting children’s education and development. She is an avid traveler and a passionate photographer who loves to capture the world and its beautiful panoramas.

With her understanding of every minute aspect and change in emotional intelligence, she has been and is an inspiration to millions of budding HR managers. With supernormal excellence and a passionate outlook, she has been enlisted in Forbes India’s Top 100 Great People Manager by the study conducted by GMI India. Apart from this prodigious recognition, Dr. Ankita Singh has also completed one of the most prestigious certifications from Harvard Business School Online on Sustainable Business Strategy.”

1. Ranked amongst Forbes India’s Top 100 “Great People Manager” by GMI India two time 2019-2020 and 2020- 2021
2. Successfully completed prestigious Harvard Business School online certification program “Sustainable Business Strategy”.
3. “Women Excellence Awards 2020” – IDMBA Hyderabad
4. “Business Person of the year 2020” – 12th Asaid Literature Festival – Bharat Nirman 2020 in Delhi
5. “CHRO of the year 2020” – Global HR Excellence Award 2020 – World HRD Congress in 2020 Mumbai
6. “Woman HR Leadership Awards 2020” by Maneka Gandhi Delhi.
7. “Most Influential HR Leaders in Gujarat 2020” – World HRD Congress in 2020 Mumbai
8. “Gujarat Best Employer Brand Award 2020” – World HRD Congress in 2020 Mumbai
9. “Make in India Award 2019” – 25th Mystique India Conclave & Expo-Bharat Nirman 2019 in Delhi
10. “Best employee engagement project designer of the year “– 3rd Edition of Employee engagement and Experience Summit 2019 in Mumbai.

Undeniably, Dr. Ankita is a frontrunner amongst the women of vision & wisdom.


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