Dr Amit Pareenja

An Undaunting Mind and Spirit

Growth is a step by step journey, and development is an evolution. Dr. Amit Pareenja, Associate Director, Global L&D in Corporate HR – L&D, Tata Communications, failed his failures to become the marvel that he is. Born to highly-educated parents, it was a matter of dismay when Amit failed classes XI and XII. His focus on sports and youth activities stole the attention his studies required. It was when he saw that those who loved him the most gave up all hopes that Dr. Amit turned tables.

Intensely holding on to the statement, “Learning is always a part of the journey,” this successful man steered forward in every aspect of education where he once lacked. Today, Dr. Amit has thirty plus global certifications & affiliations, including an MBA, MCA, a Doctorate in Management, and a Post Doctoral D.Litt in HRM (HC).

He stands as one of the very few globally certified professionals in Management Consulting along with a CMC (Certified Management Consultant) from IMCI (affiliated with the International Council of Management Consulting Institute). Furthermore, he is a certified Technology Consultant from CDC(Consultancy Development Center), Min. of Science & Technology, Life Coach, and Executive Coach from the International Coaching Federation.

A proficient trainer in technical, behavioral, and leadership programs, Dr. Amit has a line of experience in working for top MNC’s like Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, IBM -Lenovo, Reliance Communications, SingTel, Vodafone, and TATA Communications Ltd in areas of sales, strategy and L&D. The man who once started as an Inside Sales Executive for Microsoft, spread his wings as far as becoming who he is at present. It wouldn’t be wrong to call Dr. Amit’s career a troupe of learning experiences owing to the number of positions he’s managed and companies he’s worked for to the extent that he has a copyright and trademark in Consulting Model called “CaaS”- Consulting as a service.

His passion for learning and development helps him exercise his role in making learning an enriching experience for the organization, which is on the path of becoming the most trusted digital solutions partner in the global corporate world.

Dr. Amit married a senior physiotherapist, and they have two lovely children together, which makes his personal life as beautiful as his professional.

The time that he spent in school is what he considers his “testing times.” Dr. Amit took it as a challenge to change education, the core reason for his failure, to the core reason for his strength. The world now recognizes him as a highly-educated professional. “Unless you follow your passion like a paranoid person and love the challenges knowing they take you a step further in life, you can never realize your dreams,” Dr. Amit explains.

Dr. Amit swears by determination, the driving force behind all his achievements. His learning attitude, willingness to stay ahead of changes, and execution of plans on the groundlevel are the strengths that allow him to thrive as a professional. In this regard, he shares a notable tip for the youth, “The most important thing in life is to know what your strengths and weaknesses are. Keep building on your strengths as they will be your key levers of acceleration on the path of success. Slowly, but consciously, mitigate or create a bypass for your weaknesses so that they don’t become barriers on the way.”

Traditionally, we’ve heard that competition begins at home. Dr. Amit Pareenja argues against this assumption. In his viewpoint, the feeling of competitiveness arises within a person. “The day you stop comparing yourself with others and focus on competing with yourself, you will realize you have left many people behind.”

Dr. Amit in his professional career, has won several awards like the Bond Award and I MAD award by Vodafone. He was awarded a Post Doctoral Honor, an Honoris Causa Degree of D.Litt in HRM, by the Confederation of International Accreditation Commission from the University of Entrepreneurship & Technology, USA. He officiates as the honorary Chairman with India’s most reputed Management body, The Institute Of Management Consultants of India, Delhi Chapter.

Despite having trained many students and professionals, Dr. Amit remains humble to admit that there is no defined mantra for success. “Define your own mantra and never compromise on your goals. If you are still looking for a formula, then you may take this one -> Success= Efforts in the right direction using the right technique + A firm self-belief in getting to the probable outcomes.”

Change is the only constant, and improvement by learning is the only tool to prove our worth as future-ready. Dr. Amit motivates fellow professionals with his empowering words, “Deal with the situation by looking at possible alternatives, embracing the new normal. Let’s build a better tomorrow by harnessing our human resources, innovation, and creativity at its best to manage the non-human resources at work.”

An undaunting mind and spirit like Dr. Amit Pareenja is well-deserving of the admiration he receives from colleagues, students, and family.

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