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Mr. Bharat Goradia is popularly and fondly called as Mr. Bollywood in the U.S.A; his desire and passion towards celebrating Indian Bollywood and Arts & Culture industry are unmatched.

He avails Bollywood artists to the organizers for Indian cultural programs, Navratri Special Art & culture shows, India Day Parade, and more such diverse and multicultural events.

Mr. Bharat Goradia has received the very coveted Bharat Gaurav- The Pride of India award at the United Nations headquarters in New York. He has also received yet another prestigious award International Promoter of Indian arts and culture at the House of Lords, London.

Bharat Bhai, as he is fondly called, is a real Mascot for promoting Indian arts and culture all across the globe, and particularly in the USA and is rightly been awarded in almost all major states of USA by the high profile and distinguished dignitaries. Mr.Bharat Goradia despite being a very celebrated person within India and globally and despite being a very popular name in the Indian film industry, maintains a very humble stature.

He is the President of V International Inc., since 1989 he has devoted himself to bring to the forefront our Bollywood upcoming & established stars, Television Stars, and Models, Artists.

V International is based in New York City. Mr. Bharat avails Bollywood artists & Celebrities for events including but not limited to Programs in South East Asia – Malaysia, Singapore; West Africa – Ghana; South Africa -Johannesburg; East Africa –Kenya, All of America, Argentina, London, Muscat, Sri Lanka, Guyana, West Caribian Island and various other Countries.

His core forte includes event management and celebrity consultancy, on his company’s roaster, are popular Filmstars, Artists, Directors, Writers, editors, and diplomats of several countries.

In an exclusive conversation with Mr. Bharat, Passion Vista asked about his personal likes and dislikes, here is an exclusive sneak peek for our readers to know more about this magnanimous star.

Bharat Bhai, what do you think are important aspects in Event Management industry today?

Well, in my opinion, it is very important to be passionate, and enduring in today’s life of extreme competition. You must know how to maintain a positive and trustworthy relationship with your industry peers while maintaining the importance of time management. We must also try to bridge the gap between organizers and the artist.

That is so profound, & can come from experience only. Any suggestions you would like to share with upcoming next-gen event planners?

First of all I am happy to see so many young enthusiastic individuals trying to make their mark in Bollywood, Hollywood and Tollywood alike. There are many tools, and opportunities for them to explore, from backstage management to makeup artists, to designers, also music is also an essential part of events, while sound and light artists can create the actual magic. I suggest all youngsters to network in the right places, keep a smile and work hard, until they succeed, small steps will make it happen.

Also, always remain rooted in your place of domicile, it always gives immense strength.

Wow, Sir, any Pros and Cons in Celebrity Management which you experienced or would like to share?

Now, that’s a tricky one, but yes, with celebrities, comes greater responsibilities and hence right from scratch personal touch, profiling their portfolios, and their managers need to be your best pals, as they are your go-to people. Pros – are numerous, while exposure to glamour is the most prominent part, yet the celebs are ordinary human beings, is it important to leave a lasting impression in their hospitality and little fine details, that goes a long way.

Cons – I would say, ‘Keep backup’ there is always an ambiguity with their schedules and hence your planned itinerary should not be drastically affected.

Bharat Bhai’s MAGIC MANTRA

Always Be Transparent And There Is No Shortcut To Success, Learn To Respect Criticism

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