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Often, our dreams fade into the dune of societal expectations and conventions. Our ambition-romanticizing phase ends as soon as our childhood morphs into adolescence and then finds itself merging into the glitz of money, stability, and professional labels. Despite all the drama and traditional transitions, some determined individuals manage to keep the light of their dreams brightly lit inside of their hearts.

Alexandra always wanted to be an actress. And as a six-year-old, claiming your professional dreams sounds delusional to the spectators. Carrying her dream with eyes full of passion and a heart loaded with courage, Alexandra ventured on many small commercial projects in the Dominican Republic and trained herself in the arts of ballet, painting, modelling, and acting.

Engulfed by the fear of uncertainty, Alexandra’s parents pushed her to pursue a more assuring career. The aspiring actress established herself as a professional lawyer with the then-dream lurking inside her spirit.

Alexandra listened to her inner-self and flew to New York in 2008 to chase her soulful dream of being an actress. Bedazzled by the awe and zest of the city, Alexandra fell in love with New York instantly.

She enrolled herself in the American Academy of Dramatic Arts to corroborate her passion for professional training. Later, she attended the Conservatory Program at HB Studios for two years.

From then on, Alexandra navigated the inner layers of her talent and passion for art through her theatrical and drama-intensive initiatives. Alexandra shares, “I was determined to learn and get ready, but as a native of Dominican Republic, absorbing everything in English was a massive challenge. In the Industry, I was not always perceived as a foreigner or Latina until I spoke, and my accent came across”.

Powering through the challenges, Alexandra fostered her talent as a lead and guest actor for some independent films, tv-series and pilots, Web series, and theatre productions. She never stopped herself from travelling into the diverse avenues of acting. Keeping her artistic and empathic attributes intact, Alexandra landed a lead role in the Hit-Drama Film California Dreams.

It revolves around the four women who are grappling with life to achieve recognition in Hollywood. Alexandra played the character of Valentina, which resonated with her original self too. Since then, Alexandra has played the role of a strong and determined woman.

Alexandra’s modern angle to life does not make her any less of a believer. She manifests success for herself in the face of adversity and stagnancy too. According to her, “Opportunities are beyond the bounds of time and your trajectory of growth. So, ditch your comfort zone and hone your skills perpetually. Be ready, so you have no regrets.”

Cradled in the bounds of the Dominican Republic, Alexandra listened to her inner-self and flew to the city of New York in 2008 to chase her soulful dream of becoming an actress. Bedazzled by the awe and zest of the city, she fell in love with New York instantly.

On the journey of unfurling her childhood dream, it is energizing to find Alexandra aspire of getting a lead role in a hit-sitcom series. Nevertheless, she owes that to her optimism and her talent to amalgamate humour and assertiveness.

Rapt in the art, she is an acting-geek who tries to unravel each layer of the character she gets to play. Alexandra’s advice to the aspiring actors is, “Keep working on your craft and celebrate the journey. Persistence and Patience will manifest the grandeur of your future success.”

While unravelling Alexandra’s milestones, it was intriguing to know that she relishes New York at its best. She witnessed a transitioning phase of her life while she lived in LA for her projects and later decided to live amidst the buzz of New York forever.

Alexandra’s lifestyle includes reading motivational books, harbouring her hobbies, and continually honing her acting skills. Her future endeavours promise writing and developing her project for a comedy TV series, starring the upcoming short film “The Love Spell” alongside Jane Stiles. While “Postponed” is another comedy series in development with writer/director Marcello Bendotti, amongst other thrilling projects.

Alexandra’s indomitable spirit resonates with Les Brown’s quote, “It’s better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have an opportunity and not be prepared.

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